Moon Conjunct North node: What it is and how it effects you

Moon Conjunct North node: What it is and how it effects you

The video that were looking at today is about Saturn conjunct Pluto. The author in the video goes into great detail about the meaning of this aspect and how it affects you. Comment in the comment section below and give us your take on exactly what this means to you, or how it's affected you in your lifetime.

  • New Moon says:

    Transiting north node is almost on my moon. (Sag moon in 12th house.)

    Anybody else have this recently? Any stories to share?


    • Melanie says:

      Anytime I’ve had North Node hit any point in my chart, it has been memorable. I’d have to really dig to come up with a story, though. Have you looked at the progressed Moon?

      • New Moon says:

        My progressed Moon has just finished opposing my natal Mercury – and I had lots of car problems!

        My progressed Moon is now at 14 Gemini in the 6th house. My working life is quite random at the moment because I work for myself. Healthwise I’m much better than last year (which I think has a lot to do with working for myself!).

        Small pets – kitty has skin cancer and needs to go for a checkup, her ears and nose aren’t looking great

        • Melissa Martinez says:

          Thanks for sharing that.

          MOON/MERC were conjunct yesterday and I really loved that energy. It trined three of my planets and formed a grand trine and I had a lovely day in sync with my husband. He is a home wine maker and we bottled wine from some of our harvest of grapes from last year. It was a really good day. I know that is off topic from Node of Moon but a snippet to share anyway.

          When North Node went over my ascendant, I had a hard time keeping my weight at bay. I certainly couldn’t lose any weight during that time.

          Looking back at your post, North Node will conjunct your progressed Moon, too. Might be awhile, but it seems you will have a second hit of the energy you are asking about.

  • Ellie says:

    That is so interesting about NNode and weight. For me, weight gains always seems to result primarily from Jupiter (when I’m in yippee, party mode, to hell with the consequences!) or Neptune (too foggy to move, and not even realizing I have a body on some days, I’m too busy dreaming and sighing)

    Do either of you have a sense of what it might be in North node energy that would cause weight gain? I always had a sense of NNode being about potential/that which we could karmically grow into…but I’m not sure what there is karmic about weight gain. Unless it would be the afore-stated potentiality component?

    Guess I need to expand my awareness here 🙂

    • Melanie says:

      Traditional astrology considers the nodes as more (North) or less (South) somewhat. Whichever node is near something or hit by something, it can bring more or less of that energy.

      Here’s an example: I have south node conjunct uranus in the 6th house, which is square my Mars. I have been in several car accidents, and had many injuries. Some have been on the serious side, but I have managed to bounce back, although not always to where I had been before the accident, but to where I can still function and be somewhat normal. I think the south node has been protective and lessened the effect for me of what could have been.

      I agree that Jupiter also can affect weight. I did hear on one CD lecture I listened to that Jupiter on the speaker’s ascendant meant she would be BUSY and so she never experienced the weight gain that some do with Jup on their ascendant. I suspect it depends alot on all other factors in the chart and of course no two charts are alike. I like Saturn aspecting my ascendant. I tend to be more disciplined with my eating and weight stays same or less. But not square! I like the trines……

      One additional note: twice after the many accidents, doctors have told me something about never being able to work again or recover something or other. Both times I have unexpectedly had recoveries. I still have residual problems, of course, but I work full time, and as long as I do certain things, I manage ok. Stretching is one of those things I have to do regularly! Traditional astrology sees Uranus as an outer planet, not normally noted, unless on an angle or very out front. It is often seen as a malefic influence, which is contrary to modern views. I see it as a conduit, more than as a negative, but I tend to brace myself when Uranus is aspecting my chart.

      • Ellie says:

        Thank you for the detail, Melissa. Sounds like you have very active protection to have bounced back so well Smile

        You’ve given me something to think about. I have north node conjunct Uranus in the 8th, trine the ASC, but I’ve never paid much attention to it (perhaps because it’s a trine ?) Uranus rules my second, and in my 20?s and 30?s I somehow tapped into a river of cash that seemed unending… but wasn’t. Sadly, the gift has either dried up, or is in abeyance for awhile as Neptune goes over my South node/ 2nd house. Wish the gift would come back: I have no health insurance at the moment!

        Newmoon, thanks for the heads up. I’m about to have North Node hit my ASC at 26 Sag…maybe I should start exercising now? =8-0

  • New Moon says:

    I also had Jupiter square ASC and Moon when my weight gain started, and it’s transiting my 4th house at the moment.
    Plus I’d come out of a long series of Pluto, Saturn and Uranus – extreme stress and anxiety made me rather skinny, so I guess it’s a combination of all those things.

    Now I can actually swallow again I got a bit overexcited. That’s there those 5 Sag planets in my chart!
    Plus that Node on my ASC and Moon!

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