Capricorn Moon Sign – The Moon in Capricorn

moon in capricorn

Moon in Capricorn:

In the sign Capricorn the moon is in its exile, for this reason it will not be easy for you to get emotional satisfaction. You do not like to share your feelings, perhaps out of fear of getting hurt. You appear to be cool and unfeeling although you need more security and support, more than others would. In the worst case, constant frustration or even depression could result, turning your heart into shambles. If you could learn to open yourself up even a little bit and accept your own weaknesses it would be a help to you.

Instead, you are discontented and bitch at everyone, which is no wonder considering your loveless childhood. Probably you were forced to grow up and accept responsibility at an early age and were never able to live out your play instinct or experiment in a secure environment. Now you do not take any risks with unpredictable human emotions, but suppress them as well as you can. You are very careful, take everything seriously and lose yourself in solitude. You should try to contact your innermost self and develop an interest in other people. Recognize your own value, then your sense of worth will attract others who will show their affection for you.

Capricorn Moon Compatibility

Your Capricorn Moon would be most in harmony with:

A Capricorn Sun
 (a classic indicator of compatibility and/or marriage)
Another Capricorn Moon
particularly with the same number of degrees of Capricorn as your Moon or close – this produces a strong bond.. 
Taurus MoonVirgo Moon

Your Capricorn Moon will also be harmonious with a Moon in:


Avoid, if possible, a Moon in the signs below as emotional and domestic differences will be likely:

Cancer LibraAries

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Jen London


Moon in Capricorn:

The Moon is in its detriment in Capricorn, so it is a less favorable placement to have. Even with that, however, if you have Moon in Capricorn, you are well suited for achieving personal and material goals. You have a determination that is both admirable and underestimated. You carry an emotional and social dignity that surrounds you in most circumstances. The pitfalls of this placement are a love for power and material conquests, and depending on other placements, you could be overpowering and dictating in your relationships and emotional life.


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