Mercury in the Houses of the Natal Chart

Mercury in the Houses of the Natal Chart

Mercury in the Houses of the Natal Chart Mercury in 1st house

People will listen to your point of view now. So express yourself to the fullest!

Mercury in  2nd house

Great time to negotiate money matters if Mercury is not “retrograde”.

Mercury in 3rd house

This is the time to have that talk with your relatives. You will express yourself well and your point of view will be well received.

Mercury in 4th house

Talk with your family about property matters or family matters now. You will be heard!

Mercury in 5th house

You may feel in a joking manner! Just don’t pull any “pranks” now as others may not like it.

Mercury in 6th house

Tell the Doctor about how you really feel if you see him/her now. This is the “health” house and the Doctor will listen…you may benefit!

Mercury in 7th house

The “best” time to talk to your spouse or partner. If their aspects are “trined” with yours now you will get thru and come to an understanding!

Mercury in 8th house

Your attorney will listen! Communicate with him/her now as they should be receptive to your view of the situation!

Mercury in 9th house

Time to convey your spiritual awareness to others..or talk about a trip and plan that long trip or vacation with someone!

Mercury in 10th house

Talk about your applications for a new job..or just talk about your success with someone.

Mercury in 11th house

Your friends will listen to what you have to say about them more than ususual at this time! Express feelings about them and tell them how you feel!

Mercury in 12th house

Do you understand yourself now? Do you want to discuss your real feelings? Do it! Communicate with your inner self at this time and listen to that voice in your head! Just be cautious that you are communicating with the right person.


Lady Dee
MERCURY IN 1ST HOUSE: The influence of Mercury here is powerful, adding an extra dimension to the personality as shown by the Ascendant sign. The need to communicate will be very strong; here is someone with a quick repartee, who is talkative and changeable. Often the individual uses gestures a great deal, and has a general air of nervous energy. The aspects that Mercury receives must be considered with great care in this placing, as must the sign. Versatility will be considerable, but the superficiality and restlessness of Mercury are often at their worst here. Quick-wittedness is very likely, with sharp, fast answers to just about anything. If there are negative aspects from the Moon, Mars or Uranus, nervous tension could cause stomach problems or migraines. A tendency to worry may cause hypochondria. The nearer Mercury is to the ascending degree, the more it will influence the whole natal chart.

MERCURY IN 2ND HOUSE: Here there will be a quick and clever attitude towards money, with perhaps a flair for investment. The individual may be attracted to, or become involved in, get rich quick schemes. Just how well or badly these will work will depend on the sign placing and the aspects that Mercury receives. Positive aspects from Saturn lend a steadying influence, whilst negative ones from Neptune lead to confusion, complications, deceit and even fraud. Bargaining is a favourite occupation, and financial wheeling and dealing of any sort will prove irresistible. Often two or more sources of income will be enjoyed.

MERCURY IN 3RD HOUSE: This is the Mercury/Gemini house, so the planet’s influence here will be very strong. Great curiosity, a need to communicate, and mobility are all important to this subject. He or she will spend a lot of time on the telephone, writing letters or otherwise expressing thoughts and opinions. Words come thick and fast. If Mercury is in an air or fire sign, there is a great love of debate and a certain deliberate provocativeness in the way opinions are expressed. Mental agility and the powers of perception are usually good, and the subject is mentally and intellectually alert. Current affairs fascinate this individual. Although there is a quest for knowledge, it can be on a very superficial level, and more consistent mental effort often needs to be developed. Here is fine potential for a career involving communication, the media, computers or instruments of communication.

MERCURY IN 4TH HOUSE: The home and family will be of above average importance for this subject, whose mental attitude towards them will be shown by the sign in which Mercury is placed. A constant need to change the place of residence, or at least the interior decor, may be very evident. This individual often greatly enjoys researching family history.

MERCURY IN 5TH HOUSE: A risk-taking, perhaps gambling instinct will be strong – this may be logical, intuitive or practical, depending upon the sign in which Mercury is placed. This house has an important bearing upon love affairs, and the subject often has the knack of expressing him or herself in a way that exactly elicits the desired response from a loved one. Very good at flattery, this individual is not above using it to get his own way! Games of chance attract, as do games of mental agility such as chess. If creativity is indicated elsewhere in the chart, this placing enhances it, especially so in literary or craft work.

MERCURY IN 6TH HOUSE: Mercury’s influence here is considerably strengthened since this is the Virgo house, and Mercury is that sign’s ruler. Diet may be of particular interest, and there may be a sympathy for vegetarian or wholefood products. However, faddiness can occur in the eating habits of children with this placing. If worry is suggested by the Mercury sign or other areas of the chart, this placing will exacerbate this, often resulting in bowel or stomach problems. People with this placing usually respond very well to homeopathic and holistic medicine. There is a wish to be of service in this placing, and the subject usually goes out of his or her way to be helpful. A sharp, critical tongue is common.

MERCURY IN 7TH HOUSE: Within personal relationship, intellectual stimulation and friendship are just as important – if not more so – than physical compatibility. This individual has an excellent way of communicating with a partner, and this must be reciprocated. However, gullibility, and a tendency to always fall in with a partner’s way of thinking can cause problems. This is a lively placing for anyone in a business partnership, and this individual may be a gifted salesperson. Here we have a natural agent or ‘go-between’ – even a matchmaker, in every sense of the word. If the law is indicated in other areas of the chart (a powerful Jupiter, Sagittarian Midheaven, for example), then this placing would indicate a very talented lawyer. Should earth signs be prominent, work involving buildings or the land is very much indicated.

MERCURY IN 8TH HOUSE: Here there can be a tendency to brood over serious issues of life and death, and this individual may well have psychic gifts. However, before encouraging the development of these talents, it is essential to study the influence of Neptune in the natal chart, to discover whether the subject is spiritually strong enough to cope. An above average preoccupation with sexuality is often present here, and there may be a very active and strong fantasy life. At it’s best, this placing indicates a superbly inquisitive and probing mind, strongly talented in research and problem solving. Good investment ability is also present, especially if Mercury is in a water sign which will give the subject an intuitive grasp of the markets.

MERCURY IN 9TH HOUSE: As this is the house of the higher intellect, Mercury is well placed here. This mind needs constant challenge, but is also very restless – it is important to develop some intellectual staying power and to counter superficiality. Whilst the mind is well able to cope with daunting projects, the ability to grasp detail will be indicated by the sign in which Mercury is placed, with some signs faring much better than others. There is a strong tendency to daydream with this placing, and also a love of armchair travel. This subject would enjoy work in libraries, bookshops or a university – here is an eternal student if ever there was one. A love of foreign languages and culture is often also present.

MERCURY IN 10TH HOUSE: Here it is very likely that there will be many changes of career. If no career is followed, there will be such changes in life direction, especially with regard to aspirations and objectives. This placing is able to carry great responsibility and considerable seniority in a career. There should be as much variety as possible in the daily working routine, since boredom will otherwise hamper long term progress. Often this placing has a very authoritative ‘inner voice’ that can be more of a hindrance than a help.

MERCURY IN 11TH HOUSE: This subject needs to have a great deal of acquaintances, although none of them need necessarily be close friends. Social gatherings are important, especially ones which permit lively debate and exchange of ideas. Unless Mercury is restricted by a square or opposition from Saturn, there is considerable self-confidence, and the initiation of discussion will be easy. Spare time will be used to the full, perhaps with a certain amount of time given over to humanitarian causes. The ‘group’ will be important, but if the Sun is to be found next door in the 12th house, this will cause conflict between the need to be part of a group and the need for quiet introspection and peace.

MERCURY IN 12TH HOUSE: Here there may be conflicts between Mercury’s logical approach and the intuition and nebulousness of the 12th house, especially if Mercury is in a water sign. Another conflict can arise when the need for social interaction is indicated by the Mercury sign, but in channelling it’s energies through the 12th house, it calls for peace and solitude. A love of literature and poetry is often present, plus considerable critical acumen. Work in radio and the technical side of broadcasting would be particularly suitable for these subjects. Often, this individual holds strong religious beliefs.

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