Meeting Your Spirit Guides

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Contacting your Spirit Guides is a form of channeling.  Of course, Spirit channeling is not for everyone.  Do not begin the process of meeting your Spirit Guides if you are not ready to do so psychologically, emotionally and spiritually.  They are here to help you, and will not harm you, but your psychological state will impact your experiences.  If you should find that the guides you are connecting with are negative or bringing negative messages, stop channeling, and work to heal your mind and spirit of negative energy before beginning to channel again.  Contacting your Guides should always bring light and enlightenment.  Remember that at any time, you can always ask a Spirit Guide to leave, and they will comply.

To begin with, there are many methods to help you meet your guiding spirit.  Some are quite simple, others are more complicated and ritualistic.  Consider your own personal tastes and psychological makeup when contacting your Guides; do what comes naturally and is most comfortable for you.  There are some basic guidelines which are universal, and which I share with you here.  But in the end, your Spirit Angel will be available and ready to speak with you no matter where you are, or how you choose to contact them.

For the first several days, I suggest asking your Guides only yes or no questions, to allow yourself the necessary time to get used to hearing their responses.  I would also recommend not asking your Guides the same question twice in one session, as Spirit Guides have personalities and senses of humor just as we do, and you might find that a repeated question will be followed with a misleading response.

Telepathic communication with Spirit is called clairaudience. These are the thoughts you receive when you make a connection.   They may be accompanied by physical sensations such as a pressure on top of your head (the opening of the crown chakra); or a sensation on the left side of the body or face (the right side of the brain – the intuitive side – opening.) You might experience a tingling or brushing sensation somewhere on your body as well;
do not panic if this happens, it is your Guide’s way of letting you know that he or she is there.  Make a note of the type of sensation you experience, and the area of your body where you felt it — that Guide will always bring about the same sensation each time you communicate, and it is your way of positively identifying him/her.

To start, I would suggest that you have a pencil and paper handy.  Find a a quiet place where you will not be disturbed or distracted.  Lock the door and turn off the phones if necessary. Cleanse yourself and the room thoroughly by envisioning yourself and the room bathed in a white protective light.   If you are accustomed to burning protective incense, such as frankincense, myrrh or rosemary, you may do so.  If you wish to create a sacred or protective circle in which to communicate with your Guides, then do so.  It is not necessary, but a matter of choice.

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Tracy Roberts

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