Medicine Woman Tarot Review

Medicine Woman Tarot Review

Medicine Woman Tarot
created by Carol Bridges
published by US Games Systems, Inc


The deck has a very strong Native American feel but the accompanying booklet says it is tribal and not strictly North American. Throughout the accompanying booklet there is a call to honor Mother Earth. The symbols on the cards are:

Pipes (wands)
Arrows (swords)
Bowls (cups)
Stones (pentacles)

The suits have ace through ten and then the Court cards are “… exemplar (king), lodge (queen), totem (knight) and apprentice (page). I found that the cards are very good at symbolizing the elements of the cards or the feelings. In the cups (bowls) most of the cards have water in them. The pipes do not have fire but they do have a warmth emitting from them. The pipes also show creativity.

The cards themselves are a very nice size for handling (2 3/4″ by 4 1/2”). All of the cards are on a white background and then framed in a color (pipes are pink, bowls are blue, etc.) In addition the minors have their images wreathed. The pipes wreath appears to be a flower. The wreathes are not the same on each card.

The major arcana start with Seed (0) and go through the journey up to Dancer (21). The Minor Arcana is well thought out as well.

The little booklet also gives three reading layouts to use. There are 2 three card layouts Turning in (a past, present, future layout) and Moving on which goes over situation and attitudes toward it. The last one is similar to the initial part of the Celtic cross. It is called The Medicine Wheel and has 7 cards.

I found this deck to be very easy to read and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys nature and the tribal symbols.

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  • Maddie says:

    The Medicine Woman Tarot has the traditional seventy-eight cards. Included with this deck is a twenty-one page booklet with upright meanings of all the cards. Reversed cards in The Medicine Woman mean that the energy is not yet fully actualized in the particular realm but is on its way from inside to outer expression.

    This deck has a Native American touch. The traditional Pentacles are Stones, Wands are Pipes, Swords are Arrows, and Cups are Bowls. With the court cards, the King is represented by an Exemplar, the Queen is a Lodge, the Knight is a Totem, and the Page is represented by an Apprentice.

    It helps us connect more closely to Mother Earth, making it a wonderful deck for meditation. There’s a 239 page guidebook (not included with the deck, but may be purchased separately) which has very in-depth interpretations, meditations, and a few card layouts. The guidebook, when used with the cards, will assist one in connecting more directly with higher self to find one’s soul purpose in this life. This is a beautiful, spiritual deck for self discovery.

    The cards have a very soft colorful touch similar to a pastel pencil hue. They are very earthy with animals, nature and rainbows — a very relaxing deck of cards.

    The major arcana have the traditional name of each card in small print in the upper left hand corner and an alternative name on the bottom. For example, the Death card is Sunset, the Fool is Seed, the Empress is Bounty, the Hierophant is Peacemaker, and the Moon is Grandmother.

    If you are very attracted to Native American traditions, beliefs, and nature, this is the deck for you. It may be used for self readings or reading for others. Beginning Tarot students may have difficulty with this deck, but I would recommend it to intermediate and advanced readers. Using it with the inner guide book may make it easier to further your study of these cards which honor Mother Earth. Enjoy.

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