Mars in the Houses of the Natal Chart

Mars in the Houses of the Natal Chart

mars in the houses

Mars in the 1st house:

Great activity going on now in your life. However it can cause difficulty with relationships during this time. Do as much work now as you can and keep busy.

Mars in 2nd house:
You are inclined to be impulsive. Watch that money of yours now..don’t spend foolishly.

Mars in 3rd house:
High energy you have now. Watch for conflicts with other people around you. Don’t be argumentative now. Avoid them if you can.

Mars in 4th house:

Your family life is active, with an emphasis on the development of individuality, independence, and competition. Your urge to dominate the domestic scene can create an underlying tension and hostility. Fires and accidental mishaps in the home may occur.
Past history may surface now..and that type of experience that you didn’t like before. Domestic upset is lurking..maybe..Home could be bustling now too, but not over conflicts that may be pending but with lots of activity. Be nice to your neighbors now or they might not be nice to you!

Mars in 5th house:
This is the “I am” transit. Sexual energies are accented for self-gratification.

Mars in 6th house:
Hard work gets things done so go at it now. However you should try to go it alone if you can.

Mars in 7th house:
Tension yes! Be aware and handle it well or you could end up losing a relationship now.

Mars in 8th house:
Property disagreements could come to the surface now. Also conflicts. Be sure they are “worth” fighting about.

Mars in 9th house:
Intellectual creativeness can tell “all” how you really feel now.

Mars in 10th house:
Mars “loves” it here! Your ego is high now. Recognize others needs to avoid any “pitfall” now.

Mars in 11th house:
Get your goals lined up now. Be balanced and coordinate.

Mars in 12th house:
Be careful now. Don’t fall into a “trap”. Don’t make any decision without serious thought or you might end up somewhere you do not like to be.


Lady Dee
MARS IN 1ST HOUSE: Since this is the Aries house, Mars here will dominate the chart. The physical energies of Mars will invigorate the ascendant sign, and this individual has tremendous will power and a desire to win at all costs. An air of constant rush surround this person, who always has to be doing something. He has little patience for those slower than himself, and does not suffer fools gladly. There is considerable competitiveness, and a love of challenge. However, the self-centeredness of Mars can be a problem in this placing.

Bravery and daring are also common, and going all out for something in a really pioneering way is typical of this placing. Good vitality generally accompanies this individual’s considerable energy levels, but undue haste and carelessness can lead to accidents. This person can generate much enthusiasm and motivation in himself and others, but must take care not to burn himself out through over-activity.

MARS IN 2ND HOUSE: Here the Martian energy is directed towards the acquisition of possessions and wealth. However, this person is also a big spender who wants to enjoy the cash he has earned, and wants others to enjoy it too. Whether capital is acquired through sheer hard work, clever investment or careful financial dealing will depend on the Mars sign. The emotions are also intensified by this placing, and will be expressed passionately and sensually. Determination together with strong physical resources make this a placing that thrives on opposition. The temper erupts rarely, but very fiercely.

MARS IN 3RD HOUSE: Very often this individual will have enjoyed his or her school days, and always has something of the eternal student about them. Extremely competitive, especially in sport, this person nonetheless enjoys mental challenges too. An argumentative tendency is often present, and heated debates will bring much pleasure. If this person has a pet issue, they will do all they can using their excellent communication skills to inspire others to join them in taking action. Inquisitiveness is also common, as is a lack of patience. There is also a tendency to take a rather warrior like stance in defence of the family, particularly brothers and sisters.

MARS IN 4TH HOUSE: A great deal of Martian energy here is spent on improving and decorating the home. Some people with this placing periodically become bored with their home, and enjoy moving many times. Family life is full of enthusiasm with this placing, and parenthood is usually welcomed. The home is seen as a place of security, and much time will be spent just enjoying being there. This person is often very protective of their parents and the older generation.

MARS IN 5TH HOUSE: An extremely active love life is likely with this placing, with an additional emphasis on sexual pleasure. This individual is an assertive lover, and passion is shown in a very positive way. This subject loves children, whether their own or other people’s, and can be a huge inspiration to them. An inclination for risk taking may well be evident, with something of a gambling spirit. A colourful flair is added to any creativity shown elsewhere in the chart, but there is not much patience for the finer points of art. Enthusiasm and energy are poured into any interest, creative or otherwise. This is also an excellent placing for sporting activities, as it is another house which encourages competitiveness.

MARS IN 6TH HOUSE: If there is no indication of nervous tension anywhere else in the chart, and Mars is free from negative aspects from the Moon and Uranus, then this placing can help to invigorate the nervous system and gives a sharply critical, incisive attitude. On a more physical level, this person could suffer from skin complains brought on by stress or nervous tension. Here is someone who is one of the world’s workers, and whilst there is little patience with dreary routine, he or she is energetically disciplined and aims to carry out the daily round of work with military precision. The assertive side of Mars is not so noticeable here, but a willingness to serve and to be helpful will be. There is a tendency to nag when annoyed.

MARS IN 7TH HOUSE: Much positive energy will be directed towards this person’s partnerships, and there is a lot of will power to make relationships work. Sometimes, an individual with this placing pushes and encourages their partner to prominence but at their own detriment. If the harsher, more quarrelsome side of Mars is controlled, then this placing is helpful not only for couples who live together but also for those who work together, since their joint objectives are energised by Mars. The connection between Mars and sexual activity is so strong that it may seem that sex will dominate any romantic relationship. There is, however, room for romance and compassion, which will keep the relationship warm, alive and thriving.

MARS IN 8TH HOUSE: This is the Scorpio house, and before Pluto was discovered Mars was the ruler of Scorpio, so this is a powerful placing. An extremely strong sex drive will be present, and will be expressed with intensity. There is a fascination with investigation, and also with self-knowledge. This usually works out well, but there can be a tendency towards obsessive behaviour. The choice of career can often be influenced by this placing, with many subjects choosing surgery, psychiatry, police or detective work. There is a deep and abiding interest in big business and high finance, with a keen, positive attitude towards investment. The intuition is increased by this placing, and will be especially well tuned when it comes to assessing both love and money. There can be an above average preoccupation with death and esoteric matters. Occasionally, this placing my stimulate psychic ability.

MARS IN 9TH HOUSE: Provided the subject shows good intellectual potential, then this placing will encourage involvement in and excitement with intellectual challenge. Further and adult education will be especially enjoyable. An adventurous spirit flows through this individual, who will – or would like to – travel to the ends of the earth, just to see what is there. Generally there is a ready acceptance of all kinds of challenge, and a great deal of bravery. Restlessness is common, especially if plans are thwarted. Relaxation techniques encourage what is already a very philosophical outlook in life.

MARS IN 10TH HOUSE: This placing makes the subject a force to be reckoned with in his professional life. The ability to work hard and to achieve objectives is extremely important, and the possibility of success is high. This person seems to have a constant sense of urgency, and would do well to slow down sometimes and take in some detail. A tendency to argue and to be quarrelsome is common, especially if Mars receives negative aspects from Uranus. A strong desire for worldly progress inspires this person into taking action each day and every day.

MARS IN 11TH HOUSE: The pioneering spirit of Mars placed here makes its influence felt in the subject’s social life. Here is the pack leader amongst a group of friends, spurring them into action and injecting them with energy and enthusiasm. Friendship is of high importance to this person, but the aggressive and argumentative side of Mars means that many friendships will go through regular rocky patches. The humanitarian side of the 11th house is very prominent, and this person is very easily moved by suffering – and prompted to do something positive about it. The emotional level of Mars, so fervently expressed towards the individual’s beliefs and hobbies, could be a little on the cool side to loved ones. This is because the need for independence adds a certain detachment to this person, damping down the warm expression of feelings that do exist.

MARS IN 12TH HOUSE: This individual is rather secretive, and it is difficult for him to talk to sympathetic friends or even counsellors. There is a colourful fantasy life, and this person’s emotional levels are heightened. An identification with human suffering is one of the best qualities of this placing, although a tendency to take on other people’s problems can leave the subject so exhausted that he has not time for his own. This is an excellent position for someone involved in the caring professions, adding sympathy and empathy to the otherwise somewhat brash Martian qualities.

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  • Leslie Fink says:

    I think females with Mars 8th house “feel” damaged and abused. Depending on what element it’s in, shows how the individual expresses the so-called damages. It’s highly likely that there’s physical evidence (being that our Mars are in Earth element). I got physically hit a lot as a child, first from my mother, then my father, then both (at certain points), gotten pushed around (or bullied, but I hate using that word) at school by my peers. I was often blamed for causing myself to get hit and I was lead to believe that to be true. I also was and still is to this day, very physically active. I played sports, got banged up, bruised up, cuts, bled; I didn’t care. I felt stronger and more alive and developed a heightened sense of danger. My reflexes which were fast to begin with, became lightning fast, esp. in emergency settings. I’m still accident prone and I get cuts easily (and I still get nose bleeds easily), but from what I understand, it is a general manifestation of 8th house Mars.

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