Major Arcana Tarot Card Meanings

Major Arcana Tarot Card Meanings

major arcanaThe major arcana are specific cards in a tarot deck. Each tarot deck consists of 78 cards separated into two sections: the major and minor arcanas. “Arcana” simply means a “profound secret” – thus indicating the deep meaning of the cards for the seeker. These “secrets” are the way in which our universe (and thus our own lives) can be explained.

It consists of 22 cards and makes up the core of the tarot deck. Each card is symbolic of a universal aspect of human experience. So the cards are a representation of all of human nature. The cards have a name and number for example the strength, justice and temperance cards. Sometimes the cards are a symbol of the way in which an individual approaches life such as the Hermit and Magician cards.

Other cards may have astronomical names like the Star, Sun and Moon cards. They embody the forces exemplified by these powerful natural bodies. But what makes the cards of the majors so important? These are helpful because they can enable us to tap into our deeper feelings and awareness. During a reading the cards of the majors are given a greater degree of importance.

This means that when a card of the trumps comes up it is seen as indicating a critical or important issue. These cards are a symbol of important issues relative to your feelings and motivational forces at play. These cards are sometimes interpreted as showing where a person is on their spiritual journey. In this case the cards symbolize a quality or experience that must be embraced on our journey towards fulfillment.

The path to personal fulfillment is not going to be a smooth one for any of us but they will contain major milestones. The cards of the major section are seen as indicating these important moments in our lives. They run from moments of early awareness (card 0) to deeper fulfillment (card 21). This does not mean that all the cards will find a mirror in individual experiences. Some never reach certain aspects of personal fulfillment.

However, if cards  come up during a reading it is a clear sign that the person needs to do inner work to embrace the particular aspect of the path that they are on and not hide from it. The steps of these cards are also not always in the same order. You may have developed strength, for example, long before mastery. This is not important.

The main lessons that these cards can teach is to become more aware of important areas of your life than need work, acknowledgment and attention. When a card of the majors appears in your reading you are urged to accept the fact that you need to learn the lessons of that particular card. This knowledge will enable you to more easily understand and cope with difficult feelings with a view toward positive personal growth.

These cards represent major happenings in your life right now or in the future.

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