Magician Tarot Card Meanings

Magician Tarot Card Meanings

The Magician tarot card meaning

Card Number: I The Magician Arcana (1)

The Magician upright

ability to manifest, action, concentration, Creativity, organizational skill, Power, resourcefulness skill, the builder of new things,

The Magician Reversed

being inept, latent talents, Manipulation, poor planning. Use of power for destruction,

Tarot Symbol

The magician is dressed in red and white and has a halo with the infinity symbol. He’s holding a small wand and is standing in front of a table with a chalice, a pentacle, a staff (wand) and a sword.

Tarot Story

Magician TarotThe Fool encounters a Magician while he startes on his journey. The Magician portrays a skillful and powerful image, with a infinity sign as a halo floating above his head. The Fool is in awe of the Magician and when asked by the Magician, the Fool hands over his belongings (the bundled pack and the stick). The Magician raises his wand to heaven and points his finger to the Earth and the cloth of the pack from the Fool unpacked. To the Fool, it appears that the Magician has created the future through his power. The Sword, which represents intellect and communication, the fiercy Wand of ambition, the overflowing Chalice of Love and Emotions and the Pentacle of work and body. Armed with these tools, the Fool can create anything that he wishes, However, the question is: did the Magician actually created the tools or were the tools already present in the packed bundle the Fool handed over to the Magician? Only the Magician knows the answer to this question and has refused to say a word about this.

Tarot meaning

The Magician is numbered #1 and is represented by Mercury.He is the epitome of a smooth talker and a salesman. When the querent has picked this card, it means that he or she will be given an idea or an image of whatever they wanted most, i.e. a solution to a problem, a love life or a job. The querent is clever and witty and people tend to listen and agree with him or her.


It is important to bear in mind that the Magician can easily be a clever manipulator as with a magnetic personality, the Magician can convince people of almost anything, for better or worse. It is also a good idea to note that the querent might have an idea all along but the Magician merely reminds the querent of that idea. Hence, be careful when you are the querent and has picked the Magician. This card just simply means that if you have some idea, the primal forces of creativity is yours if you can claim your power and act with with awareness and concentration.

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The magician tarot depicts a male that is surrounded by the different symbols of the minor Arcana which are the wands, swords, cups, and pentacles which are also considered his tools. He is seen to be able to control the unseen forces that are control of everyday life and to has the wisdom to be able to possess this control. This card is marked as the first card of the major arcana and is a card that deals with self development. As the first card it shows the beginning of the spiritual road to enlightenment.

In the popular tarot deck the Rider Waite tarot the magician himself is standing in a garden that is made of roses and plant life which represents the plant world or earth. Above his head is the sign of infinity which in modern day terms would show that he has infinite knowledge. His left hand pointing towards the ground to symbolize the connection that he has with the earth, his right hand holding a wand that is pointing to the heavens showing his divine power. What this does show us is that he has knowledge and has the ability to connect the spiritual realm and the physical realm together. Through this knowledge he is able to mold the physical world and be able to align it with the physical plane that we know and currently live on. If you look closely at the picture he is also wearing a snake around his waist as a belt which is also a symbol for wholeness or completeness.

The magician tarot card indicates powers that have not yet been brought into manifestation, that everything in life is before us and that if we learn to be able to manipulate the situation we will be able to manifest the true results that we desire in that situation. Meaning that if we use the tools that we have in front of us we can have the desired effect that we would like the situation we are dealing with to have. This tarot card is considered a card of power just like a wizard that is able to use his ability and tools to manipulate the universe for his own purposes. What this shows is that we have the ability to take control of our own lives, and be able to mold things, events and people around us as long as everything is done in a positive manner and for the right reasons. Whether our goals are of the spiritual nature or of a worldly nature, we must learn how to achieve our goals.

When a tarot reader is doing a tarot spread they might consider different meanings for reversed and upright tarot cards. The upright meaning of the tarot magician card is that now is a time of fresh choices and new beginnings. It shows that you have the knowledge of how to achieve what you want and the tools to get you there, but you must decide how to use them properly. It shows a person that has the desire to manipulate and control the situation to achieve what they truly want out of it, and the ambition to make it happen. The reversed meaning shows that the time for change is not right now, and even though things are moving in new directions you must have patience for them to work out the way you have planned. As a reverse card it also shows that you have self-doubt and that rushing into things is not the best choice at this time.

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  • Lori Launier says:

    The title of card # 1 refers, occultly, to Man as responsible for transforming his own consciousness and reaching the state know as initiation.

    The number 1 is symbolized geometrically by a single point, a period if you will. This point refers to the absolutely indispensable practice of those who seek the truth; concentration, attention, and limiting the field of endeavor and activity.

    Concepts associated with the Magician: Communication, Timing, Clear Thinking, Recapitulation, Truth, Authority, Action, Awareness, Mysteries, Leader

    The Magician represents the active side of creative prowess. With the Magician we are introduced to the concept of intent; the ability to focus the mind, the will, on a specific purpose. Through the personal power of the Magician, we learn how to impact the world with the strengths of our knowledge, our scholarship, our critical thinking, and our convictions.

    The Magician is also known as the Transformer for the power of transmogrification. Magic, it can be said, is the ability to alter the ordinary into the extraordinary.

    The Magician will provide a consistent source of truth and awareness. The Magician can be called upon in times of difficulty to assist with determining the truth of the situation and to help shed ignorance and unlearn misinformation. The Magician influences how the material world is perceived.

    The Magician, while a leader, is neither kindness nor tolerance. The Magician shows the way, but does not stop for sightseers or lag-behinds. The Magician does not tolerate inanity or dilettantism. The Magician demands commitment and determination.

    The lesson of The Magician is persistence. With this card we see purpose added to goals.

    The Magician influences how we perceive the material world and is the card of transfiguring (both as transforming and exalting) ourselves. Here the journey through the cards begins…ready?

  • SHayline BOurne says:

    He represents the incept of action, creation, and personal consciousness. He raises his wand to the sky, and points to the Earth. He becomes a conduit connecting the universe with the Earth: he has quite literally opened himself to every power, every potential, every option. He has opened himself to reality. He is literally life.

    His stance is one of concentration and dedication. He shows us that although we are in our body, we are not our body: that although we have a personality, we are not our personality, nor our persona, just as we are not our brain or our mind.

    We have both the intellect and the vocabulary to classify everything we come in contact with in our daily lives: that is a horse, that is a dog, that is a fence post, a car, a house, etc., etc., but when it comes to us we use diversions, evasions, and downright untruths.

    We speak of our souls, our spirits, the self…He tells us quite plainly that there is nothing magical, mystical, or mysterious about who we are.

    We cannot drive a nail with a feather; neither can we know ourselves by using language that is unclear or evasive. We MUST exercise our capabilities to be finite in our language.

    He represents our ability to proceed in an orderly fashion and to be disciplined in our actions. If we cannot embrace discipline of action and of intellect, we can expect few results.

    If it is results that we want, then we need to limit our material. When our attention is divided and our schedules full beyond capacity we are neither in the moment nor are we capable of the exacting concentration that is required to meet the challenge of personal growth and evolution.

    He tells us that the study of the tarot is a demanding one…see the tools spread upon the table before him? In order to have an understanding of the tarot, and consequently of the journey represented by these bits of cardboard, we need to master the tools on the table.

    The roses framing the card represent desire, the white lilies before the Magician, purity. He stands in a bower giving him a private place to practice his magic…one of the magical consequences of studying the tarot, or of being involved with any discipline, is transformation. By limiting our _doing for the sake of doing_ and becoming cognizant of _action with a purpose_, we have begun the transformation of ourselves. Like the roses surrounding the Magician, we can go from buds to blooms when we can identify who we are and act upon that identity. That is truly an act of magic.

    Further, we create magic when we take the action of putting the past in its proper place. By unshackling ourselves from the mind’s limiting and erroneous structures and UNDERSTANDING that misery is self-induced, we can remove ourselves with the burden of being weighed down with the past. This can be done only when we are truly willing to face ourselves in absolute candor, and dispense with any hankering after what we should be, as opposed to what we are.

    He reminds us that it is false to believe that we can attain growth and experience that we are by curbing the will, by manipulating thought, by disciplining emotions. We may be able to create a sense of peace of mind by these tactics, but the volcano of who we are remains in smoldering unrest and erupts periodically to rend our sense of peace…

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