Lovers Tarot Card Meanings

Lovers Tarot Card Meanings

The Lovers tarot card meaning

Card Number: VI The Lovers Arcana (6)

The Lovers upright

A meaningful affair. subjecting to trial or struggle between sacred and profane love, Love, union, relationships, values alignment, choices deep feelings, optimism, freedom of emotions, the necessity of testing or of Love, beauty, perfection, harmony, trust, beginnings of a romance,

The Lovers Reversed

Disharmony, Failure to meet the test, frustration imbalance, in love and marriage, interference from others, misalignment of values, separation, unreliability, Untrustworthiness, unwise plans,


This card is not just about lovers but really to follow your instincts and your dreams in order to complete that missing part of you. Reading this tarot card always provide me encouragement to follow what my heart really is trying to tell me. 

Tarot Symbol

There is a man and a woman, an angel/cupi and also two trees. One of the trees is flowering while the other tree bears fruit.

Tarot Story

Lovers tarotThe Fool reaches a crossroad now. Initially, he had known which direction he will take and exactly what he will do. However, he reaches this crossroad which has two different paths. One of the path has a flowering tree and this is the path he had wanted to take. The other path is marked by a tree which bears fruit. A woman is standing in front of this fruit tree.

The Fool feels a very intense attraction to this woman and although the Fool had been involved in several relation ships, often with women who were much more beautiful than this woman standing in front of him, none of these women held such power of attraction over him.

The Fool feels that this woman is very different from the women he had been involved with and he feels that this woman is his soulmate and fills up a missing part of him. The sense of attraction he feels for this woman is very strong and the Fool dare not disobey his heart and decides to take the woman with him and travel down the path which is different from the one he had originally intend to take.

Tarot meaning

This card was originally named “LOVE” and i feel that this is more apt a description compared to the current name this tarot card takes. “Lovers” restricts the interpretation of this card, making may feel that reading this tarot cards involves strictly only relationships.

However, interpreting this card need not mean only love between lovers. It is more a feeling. The love for something to prompt you to take actions to acquire somwthing your heart tell you to. Yes, it can mean a person you love, but similarly, it can also mean a career you love.

This card basically advises you to follow your instinct and indicates to the Querent that he or she has come across or will come across a person or a career that he or she will fall in love with. The Querent, from instinct will know that the person or career is something worth purchasing as it fills up an empty void in their lives.

Basically, reading this card goes this way: be daring to follow something your heart tells you to, especially if that object fills up an empty part of you. Although the path may be unknown and dangerous, follow your heart as you know that you will remain incomplete without this particular object you are in love with.

Personally, reading this card is encouraging for me as it reminds me to have the courage to pursue something i like.

What is your interpretation of this card? Let us know below even if its the same card but is in a different tarot deck.

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  • Lori Launier says:

    The tarot’s Lovers encompass every form of love from self-love to agape to Eros, and provide a locus as well. Passion, in this card, is expended not only in cravings of the flesh, but in the arts and the joys of craftsmanship and skill.

    The physical sexuality lessons of The Lovers are tempered by the incorporation of the many facets of relationship. Balance is sought in moderation and rectitude.

    The three figures on the card represent conscious energy, subconscious energy, and superconscious energy. The masculine conscious energy stands before the Tree of Life replete with twelve flames: the flames represent the twelve signs of the zodiac and the will found within the expressions of personality arising from the birth sign.

    The female subconscious stands before the Tree of Knowledge upon which hangs the fruits of receptiveness and fertility, not only physical receptiveness and fertility, but also spiritual, emotional, and intellectual productivity.

    The Archangel Raphael represents the ultimate goal of spiritual and intellectual perception, acumen, flair, and most importantly, discrimination. Raphael, arising from the Hebrew tradition, is the angel of healing, restoration, and reparation. The name Raphael is translated as “God has healed”.

    In this card it is apparent that he has spread both his wings and his arms in benediction. He is offering a healing of the breech between male and female. Unfortunately most seekers will be lost in the billowing clouds of confusion in the center of the tableau vivant caused by the inability to control our incessantly inner dialogue and mind chatter—more of the breech between the conscious and the subconscious.

    When polarities are brought to shelter under the umbrella of the Archangel Raphael they become neutral and whole. From the point of neutrality and wholeness we can approach the start of conquering the ultimate goal—enlightenment.

    The Tree of Knowledge offers us the guarantee of reaching this goal, for coiled around the trunk, and within the branches, is the same snake that encircles the Magician’s waist, the uroborous snake, the immutable symbol of eternity through transience, death and rebirth in an endless cycle. The brilliant Sun in this card symbolizes the center of the being, our self.

    The mountain in the background is said by Kabalist to represent the Great Work. Hermeticists say it depicts the Alchemical Transformation of Matter. Whatever we choose to call it, the purpose of the mountain is to remind us that while we do not HAVE to take an active role in our evolution, that is where the joys of life are to be found. Actively participating in our reparation, our own healing, our own enlightenment, is the penultimate will of human life.

    The number 6 numerological represent reconciliation and reciprocation. In tarot symbology 6 is the number of the human _soul_.

    From here, The Fool journeys forth, in revealing light, and in approbation.

    *The “four S’s” were sightly, sprightly, sincere and secret.

  • Heidi Post says:

    In the foreground of this card naked Adam and Eve stand apart, on lush green
    grass. there arms are by their side, but their hands are turned outwards.
    Adam is looking at Eve, and Eve is gazing at the angle above. Behind Adam is
    a tall, thin, blackened tree. It has 12 branches, each with a small flame.
    Behind Eve is an apple tree with 4 pink apples. A green serpent is entwined
    around the trunk, he appears to be whispering into Eve’s ear.

    There are fluffy clouds in the sky and out of these clouds there is a
    majestic angel. He appears from the waist up, in flowing purple robes. He
    has dark purple and red wings. His hair is like flames around his head. the
    angel’s eyes are closed and his arms are outstretched over Adam and Eve. The
    sun is shining, the brilliant rays fall on the angle.

    In the background is a brown mountain, between the naked couple.

    LBW:- Love, beauty, perfection, harmony, trust, beginnings of a romance,
    deep feelings, optimism, freedom of emotions, the necessity of testing or of
    subjecting to trial or struggle between sacred and profane love. A
    meaningful affair.

    Reversed:- Failure to meet the test, unreliability, separation, frustration
    in love and marriage, interference from others, Untrustworthiness, unwise

  • Rosemary Ford says:

    This card always deals with relationships and relationship choices. There are many kinds of relationships and many kinds of love, so look beyond the name of the card to see what relationship is actively important in your life. Many times this card will show us by its placement in a reading when the relationship in question is the one with the inner person. Perhaps the person being read for is learning to truly love Self for the first time or is making a major, positive adjustment in the loving of Self.

    The choices to be made about relationships should seek balance. Look at the Lovers card in your deck — see the different balances or lack of them in the picture. This card deals with these things. See what questions are being asked about the relationship in question. I have found that this rarely a negative card. The upright or reversed position usually indicates whether the person in question is dealing with inner or outer issues, even serious or casual relationships.

    It tells us to look with clear eyes at the choices we are making in our lives about the relationships in which we are participating. Is interaction with this person truly wanted — our choice — or is it a compromise? Why are we in this relationship? How deep or strong is it? Do we even enjoy this relationship? Is it fulfilling? Is there adequate give and take? All these questions are relevant because this card appearing in a layout shows that the relationships are being re-evaluated. Perhaps this is not being done on a conscious level and the card shows us that this process should be brought to our consciousness and participated in fully.

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