Lovers Path Tarot Review

Lovers Path Tarot Review

The Lovers Path Tarot Set
By Kris Waldherr

 Lover’s Path Tarot Set is certainly beautiful. Indeed, this is the most sumptuously produced, mass-market Tarot set I have ever laid eyes upon. Despite the set’s very affordable cost, it would appear that no expense was spared in every aspect of its production. To begin with, the set is packaged in a lovely, hinged cardboard box that closes securely with Velcro pads. Inside, one finds a profusely illustrated, 159 page book providing card meanings, stories that inspired the cards, keywords, and card affiliations. Additionally, techniques, exercises and card spreads are provided in the back of the book along with a very handy card reference guide enabling the reader to access basic card interpretations quickly. The slightly oversized deck, whose cards measure 3 1/2” X 4 3/4”, has it’s own box and little white booklet which nestles into its own compartment within the case. (There has been a trend among some publishers lately to eliminate little white books and, in some cases, deck boxes in Tarot sets). Lastly there is a beribboned “parchment” scroll providing Tarot spreads. All in all, the presentation of the Lover’s Path Set is one of tasteful opulence.

Beauty aside, there is a depth and breath to this Tarot that I had simply not counted on. The Lover’s Path is a well thought out Tarot deck that contains a surprising amount of food for thought. The Fool’s journey through the Major Arcana is told using scenes from classic stories premised upon love and relationships. Here we see the likes of Merlin and Vivian in the Magic (Magician) card, Odette and Ivan in the Illusion (Moon) card and Persephone and Pluto in the Transformation (Death) card. In the Minor Arcana, a different approach is taken. Stories first introduced in the Major Arcana are explored, one to a suit. These stories pictorially unfold within their assigned suits while deftly managing to remain true to traditional Tarot symbolism. Thus, anyone comfortable working with a Rider-Waite-Smith deck or R-W-S clone will find they are immediately comfortable working with the Lover’s Path Tarot even without the benefit of the informative, and highly recommended, accompanying book.

In the Introduction of the Lover’s Path Tarot book, Ms. Waldherr writes that the artwork for this deck was inspired by her first visit to Italy, specifically by the art, architecture, maps and books of the Italian Renaissance. While anyone familiar with Ms. Waldherr’s work will immediately recognize the Lover’s Path romantic artwork as being hers, to my eye, it breathes with fresh vitality and excitement. This work is stimulating and elicits an emotional response. The amazing attention to detail in the deck’s art often prompts new and expanded ways of considering the cards. This is a very intuitive deck to work with.

The Lover’s Path Tarot more than stands on it’s own as a Tarot deck. Obviously, it is a particularly good choice when exploring relationship issues. It is also a wonderful Tarot for inner work and as a tool for meditation. Due to the set’s beautiful presentation, it makes a great gift for any Tarot reader, Tarot collector or art collector on your list. It may not be the most groundbreaking Tarot deck ever produced, but it just might be one of the most beautiful.

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