Love and Sex Readings

Is it love or are we just in a sexual relationship? Sometimes we just need to know if this relationship has a chance to make it or if we are just a booty call. Find out with a psychic reading today.

Love and sex from a psychic perspective
How to deepen and improve the connection with your partner

Having sex with your partner or lover can be a magical intimate moment that heals and balances your energy and emotions on an auric level. That only happens if the relationship lays its foundations on a free intimacy, and a true spiritual and emotional connection.

Beyond that, many times you can discover yourself feeling away and disconnected, as if you were not truly present for your partner and the love relationship would have taken a direction that is not leading you towards self-growth and fulfillment.

Please do not think that implies that they are not sexually compatible, we all go through different stages and phases in sexual intimacy, and there are many ways to improve it.

It is at that moment when a psychic advisor can be an incredible and insightful help for you. However, the most important thing in the first place, since sex can be a taboo subject, is to open your heart and mind, and feel like experiencing a great session! Are you ready for the challenge? I bet so.

By seeking advice and spiritual insight regarding your personal sexual energy, you can also find out how compatible they are with your partner. Sex counselors can help you detect your needs, teach you to communicate and reach a balance between freedom and attachment in order to achieve a more intimate, mature and satisfying sex life. Sexual counseling allows your relationship to evolve, reaching its full potential by reaching a deep connection with your partner.

Sex is also a psychic interaction between two spirits, because intimacy, love problems and obstacles can be solved by understanding the reasons and patterns involved in any sexual expression you may be experiencing.

Each human relationship is interconnected on a spiritual level, and sexual counseling revitalizes your emotional confidence and awareness. A practical attitude towards your personal fears will always allow you to go through them faster and easier. Sex is never a casual experience from a psychic and universal perspective.