Karmic Debt Numbers

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The Karmic Debt Numbers are a series of four numbers (13, 14, 16, and 19) that contain a special test to the bearer, especially when they appear in the core numbers. Some believe that these ‘debts’ were incurred in past lives while others believe these are special burdens our soul chose to bear before incarnating. Whichever conclusion you feel most in line with, you will find the Karmic Debt Numbers to be an objective phenomenon within the Numerology chart.

Numerologically, Thirteen is an indication of change. It signals a ‘moment of truth’ that when faced can lead to great rewards. There is a danger here of laziness and negativity and, anyone bearing the Thirteen influence will need to work hard to achieve their goals. The way to overcome these obstacles is through a steady focus and consistent, sustained efforts.

The test of the Fourteen is the moderation of sensual pleasures. This influence brings with it excess and lust. It is usually self-destructive: The negative sides of the One (1) and Four (4), selfishness and chaos respectively, combine in the Five (5) to produce an addictive and excessive personality. The key to overcoming this influence is finding mental and emotional stability and, committing to rigorous self-discipline.

The Sixteen is an influence that indicates past pride and vanity. This is a number of great change, and often great pain, for it deals with the destruction of the ego. However, the Sixteen influence offers great rewards for those who learn its lesson and pursue a spiritual path. If the Sixteen appears in one of the Core Numbers the bearer of its influence would be wise to make the phrase “Let go and let g-d” his personal mantra.

The Nineteen carries karmic implications that require a balance of selfish interests with broader, more universal ideals. The Nineteen will encounter sacrifice after sacrifice until the interests of others are balanced with the interests of self. The primary lesson is that while you may be seeking independence for yourself, you are still connected and require the mutual assistance of others.


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