Justice Tarot Card Meanings

Justice Tarot Card Meanings

Justice tarot card meaning

Card Number: XI Justice Arcana (11)

Justice upright

Equilibrium, equity, fair outcome to issues good or bad, harmony, honour, impartiality. just rewards, justice, poise, proper balance, Reasonableness, righteousness, virginity, virtue, truth, fairness, cause and effect

Justice Reversed

abuse. Bias, bigotry, dishonesty, false accusation, intolerance, lack of accountability, severity in judgement, Unfairness,


Tarot Symbol

A figure which represents Justice is seated with scales in one hand and an upright sword in the other hand.

Tarot Story

Justice TarotThe Fool is now looking for a new path and sources for new inspirations for his life. He is rather uncertain about his direction in life now and was sitting at the cross-roads when he noted that there is a blind woman who was listening to two brothers arguing over their inheritance. The old woman had been sought for her advice.

One brother has all the inheritance to himself while the other brother has nothing. The poor brother demands for all the inheritance to be passed to him and claims that he will not be as wasteful as the rich brother. The wise woman awards half of the rich brother’s inheritance to the poor brother and the Fool thinks that this is a wise and fair act, However, neither brother is happy with this decision as the rich brother hates to lose half of his money while the poor one thinks that he should have been given everything.

After the brothers had left, the Fool told the woman that he thinks that she had made a fair decision. The woman commented that this decision will be good for both brothers as the poor one will have as much as he needs and the rich brother will not be that wasteful with his inheritance.

The Fool reflected on this statement and thinks that this provides him with a new insight to his life. He realized that he had been chasing after world possessions and had neglected his spiritual well-being. He hasn’t made any sacrifices which will benefit his spiritual well-being. Now, he feels that he needs to strike a balance between his pursue for material well-being and spiritual well-being.

Tarot meaning

The Justice card is about balance. It is a card which advises the Querent to cut down on wastes and make adjustments to balance himself/herself physically and emotionally. It is worthwhile to note that the Justice cards does not indicate punishment. It’s more about adjustment although the adjustment will not be pleasant. It can refer to changing or quitting of habits such as cutting down on smoking in order to have a healthier lifestyle. It advises one to do whatever is necessary in order to re-gain equilibrium. Understandably, it might not be easy but the advice is definitely good.

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  • Heidi Post says:

    A young woman in a red robe sits on a stone seat. She wears a golden crown with a square blue gem in the centre. she has straight, chin length blonde hair and is facing straight ahead. She is wearing a green cape. Two long green strips hand down the front, and onto her lap. From under her robe a grey shoe pokes out.

    In her right hand Justice holds a sword upraised, blade pointing towards the sky. In her left hand she olds a set of golden scales.

    Justice sits between two grey stone pillars. Behind her, suspended between these pillars is a curtain, reminiscent of the High Priestess. This curtain is purple.

    LBW: Reasonableness, justice, proper balance, harmony, equity, righteousness, virtue, honour, virginity, just rewards. The eventual outcome, whether favourable or unfavourable, will be truly fair for the person concerned. Equilibrium, poise, impartiality.

    Reversed: Bias, false accusation, bigotry, severity in judgement, intolerance, unfairness, abuse.

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