Jupiter in the Houses of the Natal Chart

Jupiter in the Houses of the Natal Chart

jupiter in the housesof the natal chart

Jupiter in  1st house

Discover yourself now. You feel secure now..gain new experience and learn. People will love you now and be drawn to your magnetic self. The magnetism of Jupiter is strong now.

Jupiter in 2nd house

Wow! Make money now while you can! Increase your welfare. Go for it! This is really the right time! Self-indulge.

Jupiter in 3rd house

Extended travel could be necessary…and you will understand your world much better. Your relative relationships are very good now..or use this opportunity to improve family relations as relatives will be much more receptive towards you now.

Jupiter in  4th house

Inner peace and feel secure now. You really feel like you “belong” now.

Jupiter in 5th house

You are really self-expressive now. You could bring about a sexual relationship now if you tried. Work is expressive now. Personal growth toward gaining wisdom is inevitable.

Jupiter in 6th house

Your health should really be on top..or if you are ailing you should feel at your better level now. Don’t over-indulge in fatning food because you can gain weight under this transit!

Jupiter in 7th house

This transit favors marriage, partnerships and other joining togethers. It really doesn’t always mean marriage but the aspects are good if you want a relationship. It is a good time to consult with attorneys or matters involving like subjects. Just don’t over estimate things as all has a tendency to look like life is a “bowl of cherries” now. Remember this is only one tranist as many others are going on also in your chart that have other influences too.

Jupiter in  8th house

Sometimes this means inheritance..However this transit occurs several times in everyones life. It doesn’t always mean “that”. There can be many powerful fortunate changes in your life now too. Or there could be a new awakening of spiritual enlightment under this aspect.

Jupiter in 9th house

You may have the opportunity for a trip..and a big one at that. You may experience travel in a way you never thought of before. If you have been stressed out in the past your mind could experience new dimensions of existance and free you from past duldrums. You also could make new friendships with foreign people.

Jupiter in 10th house

Great time to get ahead in your job or career! Even a promotion or advancement.This is a good aspect for a career change too.

Jupiter in 11th house

Great time for friends and having good times with them. Also you could make great new friends and share good times.

Jupiter in 12th house

Now is the time to improve your spiritual outlook and look with-in yourself to the contentment and true depth of yourself. You want to pass on and share with others your inter most ideals of life. Others will turn to you for healing and tap into your givings.


Lady Dee
Jupiter in the 1st House: The closer Jupiter is to the ascending degree, the more powerful it’s overall chart influence will be. In any case, the Ascendant sign will be modified by powerful Jupiter’s presence here, adding an optimistic and warm-hearted approach to life as a whole. Considerable breadth of vision helps even the less expansive Ascendant signs such as Virgo to see the bigger picture. This person is generally open and honest, and takes others at face value.

Jupiter in the 2nd House: The materialistic side of Jupiter is prominent here, with a considerable urge to make money, and often great success. Financial risks pay off more often than not. Creature comforts are important, as is extravagant entertaining. The subject is especially generous towards partners, but sometimes this can be indicative of someone who is trying to buy love and affection.

Jupiter in the 3rd House: Jupiter’s influence here will increase the need to expand and to exercise the mind, and will quickly lead to problems with boredom if the opportunity is not there. Communication skills are excellent, and actions do tend to follow words – this is a person who follows through on their promises. However, a certain amount of restlessness (both mental and physical) is inevitable. Training and further education will appeal right throughout life.

Jupiter in the 4th House: This person tends to build a marvellous home atmosphere, especially for children. Here is someone who is considerate and philosophical towards the family, and who has a great deal of fun just being a lover or a parent. Money is not of prime importance – this is the placing that confers the ability to have a great time no matter what the standard of living. Investments in property, both emotional and financial, will pay dividends.

Jupiter in 5th House: This placing can be something of a mixed blessing. At best, it provides great creative flair, and an enthusiasm that the opposite sex find very attractive. On the other hand, this enthusiasm and optimism can run wild, into the taking of dangerous and unnecessary risks. Recklessness and a liking for gambling can become very real problems with this placing. Although marvellous company and a source of inspiration and admiration for friends and family, this person does show off a great deal. A powerful influence on the love life, this placing suggests a ‘colourful’ romantic background. If this placing is to work at its best, it needs a stabilising influence from elsewhere in the chart.

Jupiter in 6th House: The Jupiter ‘expansion’ can have physical effects here, manifesting in weight problems and/or a slow metabolism. Being of help comes naturally to these people, who will always hurry to someone’s aid. Generosity is greatly enhanced, and they give freely of their time, money and compassion.

Jupiter in 7th House: This placing often sees a subject developing romantic interests rather earlier in life than most, due to a combination of the challenge of a relationship, the risk of being caught, enthusiasm and optimism. However, even later in life, hopes for a relationship are often unrealistic, leading to disappointment. This individual may also be rather fickle in love, always believing that the grass is greener elsewhere. Intellectual rapport is very important in a successful relationship. This placing is usually excellent for a business partner.

Jupiter in 8th House: Financial gain through investment is indicated here, along with a sound business sense. There is also a lot of sexual enthusiasm and exuberance, and it is essential that a partner is willing to experiment in this area. This individual can be over-demanding in many ways, often without much consideration for those around him or her. This is also a very freedom loving placing, but again, without much consideration for the effect this may have on a partner. Much thought is given to the deeper matters of life and death, and this person is often considered to be wiser than their years.

Jupiter in 9th House: Jupiter’s influence is strong here, because this is the Jupiter/Sagittarius house. Considerable intellectual potential will be expressed in the manner of the Jupiter sign. A very positive outlook on life combines with an inherent optimism and breadth of vision. The ninth house love of travel is emphasised physically, intellectually and imaginatively, in the best possible way. Studying and the acquisition of knowledge are very important to this person, and in order to feel fulfilled there should always be the opportunity to learn. Parents with this placing, especially mothers, absolutely must have an interest outside their lives with their children. Restlessness is very likely, particularly if Jupiter is in an air sign, or in negatively aspected by Mercury or Uranus. A flair for languages and an innate understanding of other cultures make this person very worldly.

Jupiter in 10th House: If Jupiter is conjunct the Midheaven, there will be a huge amount of enthusiasm and positive energy directed towards the career. In any case, Jupiter in this house exercises its dramatic flair in matters of work, and usually makes the individual shine within their own field. If in a position of power, this person is fair and kind, although pompous at times. They both seize and make their own opportunities, and do not allow any grass to grow under their feet.

Jupiter in 11th House: Here is someone who is a great socialiser, and who contributes much to his or her own social group, or to any group interest. This is also the placing of the born committee enthusiast! The humanitarian side of this house is emphasised, and makes for an excellent fund-raiser or charitable worker. A wonderful friend, this person is always encouraging others to develop their potential. Many people with this placing view family and lovers as friends first and foremost.

Jupiter in 12th House: Because Jupiter ruled Pisces until the discovery of Neptune, the planet is powerfully placed in this house, especially if it makes a conjunction with the Ascendant. Here is a true sense of vocation – possibly religious, but not necessarily so, more geared towards fully developing the potential in whatever the person’s chosen field is. There can also be reclusive tendencies, and certainly this is someone who prefers their own company. Often the subject wears a psychological ‘mask’ in public and is known truly by few people. Although this placing confers many talents, these are often not exploited as the reclusive and shy 12th house qualities tend to outweigh Jupiter’s optimism and extroversion. Esoteric subjects are important to this person.

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