Judgement Tarot Card Meanings

Judgement Tarot Card Meanings

Judgement tarot card meaning

Card Number: XX Judgement Arcana (20) 

Judgement Upright

Atonement, Development, Improvement, Promotion, Rebirth Judgment, Legal judgment in one’s favor, One should carefully consider how present actions affect other persons, Rejuvenation, The desire for immortality, The moment to account for the manner in which we have used our opportunities, The need to repent and forgive

Judgement Reversed

Divorce, Delay, Disappointment, Failure to face fact, Indecision, Procrastination, Theft, Alienation of affections


Judgement is a pretty hard card to interpret. It usually indicates a big change and involves stepping into something which is totally new. It can also be interpreted as a need to make a final decision in order to have a new life. Obviously, this involves hard decisions. However, this card advises one to take charge of your own life and make the decision to change if you really have to.

Tarot symbol

There is an angel, trumpets and graves with people rising from them.

Tarot Story

Judgement tarotThe Fool leaves the garden of the Sun and feels that he is near the end of his journey. He feels ready to take a final step. However, he feels that something is holding him back and he looks up to the Sun, hoping to find guidance. However, all he gets is just a fierce angel who looks beautiful but angry.

The Angel told the Fool that he has only one step before he completes his journey. However, unless he lets his past rest, the Fool will not be able to complete the journey. The Fool feels confused as he is under the impression that he has already let his past rest.

The Angel hands a small trumpet to the Fool. Hesitantly, the fool blows the trumpet and the trumpet’s song schoes across the sky and the vibrations seem to crack the Earth.

The Fool feels like there is nothing for him to fear and there is no point in carrying the past with him. He is truly enlightened now and really feels the importance of letting go.

Do all in all, the Judgement is a card which encourages one to move on and not to carry the past with himself or herself if one really wants to start a new life. This card encourages change but it also implies that the Querent must be willing to let go.

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judgementCard Description:

This card is dominated by a large angel, similar to the Lovers card. He emerges,
to his chest, from a bank of rolling white clouds. The angel has short blond
hair. He wears a light blue, long sleeved top. The angel has large wings of pink
and purple. He holds a long gold trumpet to his lips. (It looks more like a gold
coronet actually). His left hand holds the base and his right hand hold the top
of the instrument to his lips. A white flag with a large red cross is attached
to the trumpet.

Below the angel are six figures. In the foreground are a man, woman and child,
each standing in a grey square box, like a coffin. They are all naked, their
skin is a pale grey. The man, on the left of the card, has his back to us, he
has short brown hair and his face is upturned to the angel, his eyes are closed.
We see his right side. His elbow is at his waist, and his forearm is pointed up,
palm open to the sky. The child, in the middle, has short brown hair, and his
harms are extended, as if trying to embrace the angle. His back is also to us.
The woman on the right has long blond hair, she is side on, and we can see her
left side. Her eyes are closed, and her arms are extended out before her. The
coffins the people are standing in look as though they are floating in water.

In the middle-ground of the card are 3 more people. They are separated from the
first three by water. They too are naked, and their skin is grey. The are also
standing in grey square coffins. These three figures are facing us. They each
have their arms extended to the sky, once again, there is a man on the left,
child in the middle, and a woman on the right. They all have black hair. Behind
these people is a grassy riverbank, and in the background of the card is a snow
covered mountain range.

Judgement Card Upright:

LWB:- Atonement, judgement, the need to repent and forgive, the moment to
account for the manner in which we have used our opportunities, rejuvenation,
rebirth, improvement, development, promotion, the desire for immortality, legal
judgement in one’s favour. One should carefully consider how present actions
affect other persons.

Judgement Card Reversed:

Reversed:- Delay, disappointment, failure to face facts, indecision, divorce,
procrastination, theft, alienation of affections.

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