How to draw a tarot card daily

How to draw a tarot card daily

I took the Barnes & Noble class on LEARNING THE TAROT, by Joan Bunning on the first offering, way back in August of 2001. I was fortunate enough to have Joan as the instructor. One of the first things I learned was the benefit of drawing a daily card and keeping a journal of your selections. One of the best things you can do to learn Tarot is touch your cards. What better way to touch them than by shuffling and drawing a daily card! The card you have drawn can become your snapshot of the day. Once the card is drawn, I keep a mental picture of it in my mind and take note of how the card works itself through my day.

In the book LEARNING THE TAROT, by Joan Bunning she outlines the procedure:

“1. Shuffle the deck once or twice.”

“2. Hold the deck face down in one hand and cover it with your other hand.”

“3. Pause a moment to become calm and centered.”

“4. Ask your Inner Guide to give you the guidance you need for the day.”

“5. Place the deck face down in front of you.”

“6. Cut the deck to the left and restack it.”

“7. Turn over the top card as your card of the day.”

“8. Return this card to the deck, and shuffle once or twice.”

This procedure is not set in stone. Do whatever feels right to you. The most important part is making the commitment and following through with it.

Once you have drawn a card, it is a great idea to keep a daily journal of your selections. Any type of journal works just fine. Personally, I like to use a spiral composition notebook. In addition to the date, I make note of the card and write the “key words” down. Then I write a little bit down about the cards (yes it is ok to look at various books). Many times I have gone back and looked at what I have written and see how the card manifested itself in my life. And, I am the first to admit that sometimes the card just doesn’t seem to fit, but you can be sure it is there for a reason. A card can be drawn any time during the day…morning, mid-day or evening. Pick a time that suits your schedule and make it a ritual. I draw my card in the evening, make notes in my journal. Then when I wake up I already know what to look for during the day.

The hardest part is making the commitment to do this every day. But once you make it a part of your life, it will become second nature. We also have a Message Board heading were you could post your card and open it up for discussion.


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