Free will : How it can affect a Psychic reading

Free will : How it can affect a Psychic reading

It always interests me every time people ask for a psychic reading and inquire on when they would meet their soul mate.  They would then provide specific requirements, such as his possible partner should be less than 27 years old, should be wealthy and must be attractive.
After several years, the same people would call again for a spiritual reading, but this time with sadness in their voices. Apparently, they found the wrong person and cannot seem to move on due to their present obligations in life.
Aside from this type of people, I also noticed that there are individuals who supposed that celestial bodies can readily give them everything they need, right in front of their face with the idea that destiny would somehow take care of their life without them doing anything at all.

These are the people who ask for a psychic reading and give the psychic the idea that he would rather wait until something actually happens that would allow him to totally move on with his life.
Hence, I always tell people who wants my psychic reading that it is important for them to comprehend that the things they want to happen and the things that are meant to happen may sometimes occur, but most often than not, contradict.
A psychic may guide an individual to regard an intended path as a course through a labyrinth, which symbolizes all the ups and downs, all the potential problems and compensations, including all the people who one may meet as a part of his destiny—bringing either problems or happiness.
Nevertheless, a psychic reading does not tell a person that there is a definite path that he should follow. There is always what we call ‘free will’. Everybody knows that an individual can choose his actions, whether he wanted to go back or go straight ahead or he wanted to turn right or left.
It cannot be denied that a psychic reading is useful in its own glory, yet people have the idea that their life is based on their free will. In the end, it all brings down to you when it comes to decisions like where you wanted to go, what clothes you wanted to wear or who you wanted to marry.
Thus, a psychic reading can be helpful as a person’s destiny and free will are totally linked with his existence inside the prepared structure of a maze – the Karma – the structure of the correct course from one’s nativity to death and eventually to reincarnation.
Psychics offering a reading usually tell people seeking for spiritual guidance that they cannot foresee the exact time, particularly if an event entails another individual discovering a Karmic lesson.
A psychic may offer you 97% to 100% accuracy, however, you may recognize that the timing is the only factor that is in the realm of a person’s ‘free will’— yet the result is already predetermined.
On the whole, it is important that aside from a reading, it is also important for one to bear in mind that emotions, senses, instincts and intuitions should be used. Since as human beings we already have all of these, we can then utilize them to assist us in finding the right path. Always remember though that free will trumps all.


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