How do astrologers predict the future?

How do astrologers predict the future?

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How do astrologers predict the future?

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By: Michael Coté

Good question, and the answer depends upon whether one believes in predetermined fate or not. I do not – I believe in free will (as do most western astrologers) and so I do not pretend to be able to ‘predict the future’ in a fortune-telling sense. What western astrology can and does do, however, is to analyse forthcoming planetary trends and energies that may affect your life, and advise you on how to make the most of them — not at all the same thing as telling you that x,y,z WILL happen to you next Tuesday….

 There are many methods used in predictive astrology, but the two most common are the use of progressions and transits.

Progressions are way of symbolically aging a natal chart, to give a picture of one’s inner growth through the years. There are many types of progressions, but the most commonly used are secondary progressions, which ‘age’ the natal chart by one day for each year of your life. As the chart ages, the inner planets will gradually move around the chart, sometimes changing signs or houses, sometimes making new aspects to one another – all of these moves tell the astrologer something new about how that personality has progressed as the subject has grown up. The outer planets move so slowly that there is often not very much movement during a lifetime.

Transits fill the detail into the overview provided by progressions. Put simply, transits are a map of the current planetary positions at any given time. If we were to look at the positions today, right here, right now, we could ‘overlay’ the current positions onto a natal chart, and see how the planets today are contacting the positions they held at birth. Each contact is an energy trigger of some kind, and we can analyse how the subject is likely to react to these energies, and what he or she can do to make the most of them. The inner planets move fast, and make repeated transit cycles over the course of a few months or years; the outer planets move much more slowly, but the contacts they do make are often very significant.

Tying these things together, the astrologer can gain a good insight into the energies surrounding a person at any particular time, and a thorough understanding of the natal chart itself means the astrologer is well placed to advise on future trends.