High Priestess Tarot Card Meanings

High Priestess Tarot Card Meanings

The High Priestess tarot card meaning

Card Number: II The High Priestess Arcana (2)

The High Priestess upright

Hidden things, unrevealed future, mysteries, spiritual enlightenment, illumination, Secrets that should not be revealed.Intuition, Higher powers, mystery, subconscious mind,

The High Priestess Reversed

Hidden agendas, indulgent and showy as well as conceited, need to listen to inner voice, Selfish and ruthless woman, take care not to be destroyed by this selfishness. Take care not to be harmed,

Tarot Symbol

The main color scheme of this tarot card is blue, white and black. There are pomegranates, moon crown, veil, solar cross and the crescent moon. There are also black and white lotuses, with pillars inscribed with the letters “B” and “J”. B stands for Boaz–negation and J stands for Jachin, which means beginning.

Tarot Story

High Priestess tarotThe Fool continued with his journey and met a beautiful and mysterious veiled lady who is sit between two pillars and is illuminated by the moon. She comes across as a person who appeared to be opposite to that of the Magician. The lady is the High Priestess and astonishes the Fool by revealing things that she knows about him. The Fool decided that since the High Priestess knows so much about him, she could help him with deciding what to do with the sword, chalice, staff and pentacle the Magician had earlier showed to him. As an answer, the High Priestess passes a pair of ancient scrolls to the Fool. She told the Fool that the scrolls will help the Fool to decide the uses for the items that he had received. The Fool sat down and read by the light of the High Priestess’s crescent moon. Finally, the Fool had reached a decision on where to go and what to do. Although the Fool felt that the High Priestess has more secrets and could provide him with more advice, he is now much focused than before and ready to be on his way. As he left, the Fool heard the High Priestess whispered that they will meet again if the Fool is ready to travel the most secret path of all.

Tarot meaning

The High Priestess is the card which represents secret knowledge. She holds scrolls of arcane informationthat she may or may not reveal to an individual. The moon crown on her head and the crescent by the foot indicates her willingness to illuminate information that one may not see and she can reveal secrets that can help one to reach a decision about a problem, job, love or investment.

As seen on the picture above, the High Priestess has a curtain behind her back and this represents the deepest and most secret knowledge that she has. If you happen to draw this tarot card, it basically means that you will be learning some very perculiar things.


The High Priestess represents information that is kept hidden behind the curtain, which means that there are things that she knows, but wouldn’t tell. If the querent is represented by the High Priestess, it means that the querent might find themselves spending time in old libraries and studying old texts. Things which were kept secret will soon be revealed to them. Insights may also be found in dreams.

If the High Priestess represents an individual other than the querent, it means that this individual might be a astrologer or a teacher with archaic knowledge.

The more secrets the querent knows, the easier it will be for the querent to make a decision about their query. Hence, the job of the High Priestess will be to offer the secret knowledge that she knows.


What is your interpretation of this card? Let us know below even if its the same card but is in a different tarot deck.

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The high priestess tarot card in the Rider Waite tarot deck depicts a female figure with a very serious expression on her face sitting cross legged with the book marked Torah in her lap. This book represents what is called the akashic records in the psychic world, but to the common man it is like a library that holds information of our lives past, present time, and in the future. She sits between two pillars, one is labeled J. and in the color white on her left hand side, and on her right hand side a black pillar that is labeled b. These two pillars represent both polar opposites of each other, whether good versus evil, positive and negative forces, or the difference between the light and the dark side. Within these two pillars there is a doorway to a temple, where upon entering you would learn the secrets that she possesses and how she promises that those who follow the law of karma or spiritual laws will have both their good and evil sides reconciled. The one thing to make note of is that the card shows the crescent moon at the base of her feet, which is a warning of danger for those that are unprepared to handle the knowledge that she possesses.

The card itself when it appears in a tarot spread shows that something currently is hidden in your life, and that you should pay more attention to your intuition as well as what your dreams are telling you. She is telling you that you should realize the importance of analyzing your dreams and intuition, and go beyond your natural daily thinking. If you currently have fear over developing this part of your life, release that fear to get the answers you seek. She reflects the potential that we as humans have not yet discovered and haven’t taken advantage of, or our inner secret lives that have to be recognized. In some cases the card represents that somebody is hiding something that needs to be revealed. This card in tarot symbolizes what is considered the Goddess or feminine spiritual power. This card is considered the most mysterious card of the tarot deck.

As stated before some tarot readers will read cards depending on how they fall out of the deck or are dealt. Whether the cards come out upright or reversed. When the card is up right it means that you should tune in to your inner voice and be aware of what you spiritually been told. That currently you are becoming aware of change that is taking place before it truly becomes relevant in our material world. It shows that you’re in a position to take full advantage of this. The high priestess reversed indicates that people might think you’re not being yourself because you are dealing with things in a private manner and seem taken aback. What is unrevealed to them is that you have realized you have not paid attention to what your inner needs are, and are currently exploring what those needs are and how to satisfy them.

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  • SHayline BOurne says:

    That the High Priestess is associated with the celestial Moon, one of the Earthly Cosmic Illuminators, is obvious as, at her feet, is a Crescent Moon. The Crescent Moon, the astrological glyph of the Moon, the container of life. Astrologically the Moon is symbolic of intuition, cyclic understanding, burgeoning awareness. The Moon and the High Priestess share some keywords/phrases as well, instinctive self, receptivity, memory, imagination. As the container of life the Crescent Moon is indicative of the womb, being offered to the Sun for impregnation. In the High Priestess card the state of being pregnant and gestating embraces not only being with child, but being pregnant with ideas, suppositions, beliefs, and experiencing inspiration and spontaneous cognition as an act of birthing personal understandings.

    The act of spiritual and intellectual impregnation of the Moon by the Sun is enhanced by the Crown of Hathor that the High Priestess wears, The Horned Solar Disk Crown.

    Hathor, as Markoe & Capel, point out in their book, _Mistress of the House, Mistress of Heaven (Hudson Hills Press/Cincinnati Art Museum 1996)_ was such an important and complex deity throughout ancient Egypt that she is hard to separate from those Women-goddesses who came after her.

    Hathor is portrayed as being RaÂ’s mother, his wife, and his daughter. Both her name and her crown tie her to the Solar Ra. In much the same way the Horned Solar Disk Crown binds the High PriestessesÂ’ Moon, her instinctive, intuitive self, with the Sun and the Solar power of impregnation, gestation, birth and rebirth.

  • Rosemary Ford says:

    She represents the unending, inexhaustible resource of our spirit and our inner Divinity. She is the Spirit that animates us. The High Priestess gives us learning — allowing inspiration and knowledge to come through to us and become active in our lives. She shows that all knowledge comes from within. An important from the High Priestess is that each and every one of us is a unique expression of the truth. Another aspect of this card is her role as keeper of our memory, both personal and Cosmic. Sometimes she can be the unconscious memory that enables us to act without thinking. She gives us knowledge beyond ourselves from which to draw when we are in the middle of life’s situations. In meditation, the High Priestess can be a teacher of truth for us and to us.

    When the High Priestess shows up in a reading, I know that the concepts behind the lessons in the life of the client are extremely important ones. I know that the ideas being focused on in the person’s life are more important than the vehicle being used to teach those ideas. Occasionally, the High Priestess will show herself in a reading in order to remind me to remind the client that we are all part of each other’s lives — past, present, and future. No matter how alone and/or individual we feel, she reminds us that a certain part of our minds, our souls, is connected to something greater than each of us, singly.

    Of all the things she teaches us, perhaps the most important is to look within for wisdom and for happiness. No one else can teach us these things, or give them to us. We must find them by walking the pathway within alone. There are o compromises to truth and no easy ways to wisdom. You will always find the High Priestess strong and secure in herself, sure of who and what she is. She has faced all that is within her and learned from the experience. Now she can show the way of that knowledge to others. She cannot give us the knowledge; only show us the way to it.

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