Healing Stones : Their Power and Meanings

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Healing Power of Stones

Healing stones for energetic balancing can help with healing as well as protection and guidance when the right stone is chosen. In becoming more “in-tune” with our spiritual selves we become more sensitive to subtle energies and the energetic resonance of each living thing around us. Each healing stone has a specific energetic resonance that is possible to sense if we’re open to it.

Spend some time sitting in meditation prior to using these stones for re-balancing and healing. In meditation it becomes clearer that life-force is not just present in human beings and animals… but also in nature and all the things that seem inanimate. There is no-thing that does not have its own unique resonance.

Choosing Healing Stones

There are two methods to look at healing stones. The first – reading about the meaning and application of each one, and the second – discovering a personal connection of which stone(s) we are most drawn to.

You might be drawn to one stone more than another even though a specific book might state that the other stone is more effective at healing a certain ailment.

In this case I recommend going with the stone that feels most comfortable to connect with. Much like we experience with people the energies of certain objects are “more or less agreeable” than others. Each of us has a different inner resonance and we attract outer environments… people… and even objects that match this resonance.

Choosing a Stone for Healing

  1. Pick up a few different stones one at a time and hold each one for 20-30 seconds.
  2. Get a feel of what it’s like to hold this stone.
  3. Does one stone attribute more rebalancing and healing qualities than others?

This is something no text-book can explain and is quite a personal experience. Choose the stone that is most comfortable to connect with. This will be the one with the most healing power.

General Properties of Stones

Healing Properties
Healing Stone
Red Jasper
Emotional balance
Rose Quartz or Emerald
Communication and inspiration
Spiritual Sight
Connection with a higher power
Purple Flourite or Clear Quartz

Healing Stone Meanings

Healing stones can be applied to accelerate chakra healing and life-force flow through our bodies. In this article I’ll outline which stones are associated with each main chakra and how to use them to re-balance and accelerate healing.

Each stone has a specific energetic resonance that is near to the resonance of the chakra each stone relates to. The rule of thumb when working with healing stones is getting a sense of what each one feels like before deciding on which ones to use.

You might have a selected of dozens of different Quartz stones for example. Hold each one and get a sense of what it feels like. You’ll know which one is the “right” stone to choose.

Base Chakra


The Red Jasper stone can be applied to rebalance energies in the base chakra. Rebalancing the base helps with grounding and feeling more secure. This stone can also be used to reconnect with the Earth’s energies and to recharge.


For rebalancing the Navel chakra use the Carnelian stone. This helps to re-center and bring emotions into focus. The emotional energetic centre can often be the most difficult to rebalance so give special attention to choosing the right stone.

Solar Plexus

Using a Peridot stone to activate life-force flow can be helpful when working with the Solar Plexus chakra. This can help to re-centre our sense of self and mental focus.



To activate the heart chakra we can use a Rose Quartz or an Emerald stone. Both of these stones are effective when working with a heart chakra. One common sensation when working with the heart chakra is a deep sense of warmth in the chest or even in the upper back area.

Remember our main chakras are accessible from both the front of our bodies and from along the spine area where these main energies flow upwards.


The Turquoise stone can be obtained to begin working on the throat chakra. This can help to rebalance the energies in the aura and also to increase how well the life-force is  circulating through each of the main chakras.


For activation of the Brow I recommend using a Malachite stone or as an alternative a stone that reflects the energetic colour of the Brow – deep purple. The result of working with the Brow chakra is activation of spiritual sight and awakening to a higher consciousness. But don’t overdo Brow activation – headaches can ensue.


The Purple Flourite stone can be used to activate the Crown chakra. You can make use of a Clear Quartz as well which is also often effective. People use chakra and healing stones with the Crown chakra most often when wanting to communicate with spirit guides or their higher self.

How To Use Chakra Stones

Upon obtaining some of these stones place each one on the respective area.

Below the navel or on both palms
Lower stomach area
Solar Plexus
Just below the end of the ribcage
Over the centre of the chest
Close to the area right between both collar bones
I recommend 2-3cm above the head (on the flat surface)

You can experiment with these positions to find the most comfortable ones. 5-10 minutes of meditation with these chakra stone(s) in place will have a great benefit on life-force flow throughout the entire aura.


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Tracy Roberts

Tracy Roberts

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