Fool Tarot Card Meanings

Fool Tarot Card Meanings

The Fool tarot card meaning

Card Number: 0 The Fool Arcana (0)

The Fool upright

the joy of adventure, The beginning of creativity, The many faces of life, There is a choice before the seeker and they must choose wisely

The Fool Reversed

fear holding the  question asker back; folly and indiscretion. foolishness, Naivety, Poor choice, recklessness, risk-taking,

Tarot Symbol

The fool is dressed in colorful clothes with his belongings packed and tied to a staff. There’s a small dog and cliff in his surroundings.

Tarot Story

The Fool does not have too much possession and all his possession were packed into one small pack. He has visions for his future although he does not know where to go at this moment of time. He doesn’t notice the cliff tight in front of him, and doesn’t see that he is very likely to fall off the cliff. The dog following him tries to warn him of the impending danger.

Tarot meaning

Fool TarotThe Fool is a card with #0 and is a card of infinite possibilities. With all his belongings packed into a small bundle, he has all he needs and be all anything that he wants once he unpacks his belongings. The Fool is on his way to a brand new beginning. However, on a warning note, the card also tries to warn the individual reading the tarot card to be more practical and stop daydreaming. Watch your step lest you fall over like a fool.

 If you are reading tarot cards for yourself (otherwise known as the Querent), do note that the Fool almost always stand for yourself. For example, other cards such as The Hermit can stand for someone in your life. However, The Fool almost always represent yourself and not someone else in your life.

The Fool is a refreshing card, it signifies something brand new is going to happen in your life or your life is going to be a brand new life. It indicates a free and light-hearted feeling and possibly a second chance to feel young and refreshed. Although you might not know where to go or what to do, it really doesn’t matter. The feeling of freedom is what’s important to you at this point of time.


However, The Fool is also trying to advise that it is not good to be overly naive. An interesting point to note is that if this card turns up in your query about a financial investment or your love life, it can mean a warning/advice. Do not daydream too much about your new love or new financial investment you might be interested in. It is time time to look at your surroundings and there might be a warning dog which has been trying to tell you to watch. This may be your close friend or your instincts.

Hence, reading this tarot card goes this way: there might be a refreshing change for you and you might be feeling the freedom that you have always wanted and dreamed of. The change might be good, but do not be overly engrossed in it that you neglect the warning nuances in your surroundings.

What is your interpretation of this card? Let us know below even if its the same card but is in a different tarot deck.

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The fool tarot card is the tarot decks version of the Joker card that is in every day playing card decks. Like the Joker card itself it is almost like a wild card where the fool seems like he’s beyond the concerns and cares of life. He is not only an enigmatic symbol, but also is a fascinating figure in the world of tarot. The major arcana cards act as the path the fool takes through the ups and downs of life.

In the Rider Waite tarot deck created by US games the fool himself is shown inches away of the edge of a cliff face, looking as though he’s going to step out and off the cliff into thin air. He is gazing up into the heavens as if he’s expecting the universe or God to support him. The way he is standing he is showing that he has no concern for any possible danger that is ahead of them, or he is unaware of what his next step might possibly bring.

The fool tarot card in the major arcana shows a man that is dressed in bright colors, and he himself seems very cheerful and carefree. In the Waite tarot he carries a rose in his left hand, which is the symbol for love, and over his right shoulder he has a staff with a bag with all of his worldly possessions or only possessions inside of it. Beside him stands a dog which has been suggested to mean our instincts when dealing with situations. He also shows that he himself trusts and believes in the universe, as well as shows that he himself has confidence, often seen with a blind leap of faith that we take in life many times.

The fool tarot meaning is usually interpreted as embarking on a new path or a new way in your life. Whether this is the commencement of the brand-new job, entering into a marriage or starting a divorce for new start, or moving to a brand-new place. It is indicative of the person starting on the spiritual path who has the utmost faith in the universe and God. It also shows that they are either naive of the future that is in front of them, or they are secure in their intuitive mindset to feel that everything will turn out well.

In other tarot decks the fool is shown as a different image. In the Shakespeare Oracle which is a 78 card deck with images based on Shakespeare’s greatest plays he is represented by Falstaff. Whereas in the mythic tarot deck he is represented by Dionysus who himself was a Greek God. In another deck called the Viking tarot he is envisioned as Loki who is the Norse God that was known to either help out the other Norse gods or make things difficult for them.

Some tarot readers will read the cards based on whether or not they came out in the spread up right or reversed. Up right the meaning shows that you might be walking to a different beat than most others, but the beat is the one that you should listen to even if it’s different than other people around you. The reversed meaning of the card shows that you should really take a look at the pros and cons of the situation and consider them and that currently right now might not be the time to take action independently from others. So in a nutshell the upright card is showing that you should move full speed ahead with what you’re undertaking, or as in the reverse is showing that you should take into consideration the good and the bad that can come from the decision you make.

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  • ximenes w says:

    Naive or ignorant but not stupid.

  • moises s says:

    Bold, curious, sometimes doesn’t think before they act.

  • barrie says:

    Optimistic, full of life with a sense of adventure.

  • roda steinman says:

    Free. For some reason that word keeps surfacing for me today.

  • Ealasaid M. says:

    Happy go lucky, naive, the world is his/her oyster, adventurous, excited, open or open-minded, curious, maybe underprepared but they don’t know or care at this point, childlike wonder

  • Guinna says:


  • lorri says:

    left hand path

  • Tanhya M says:

    always looking for novelty, ‘cos he gets easily bored

  • barnebas c says:


  • Conrad Donaldson says:

    faithful, eternal optimist, wanderlust, adventurer, seeks new experiences, traveler

  • juanita says:

    Optimistic, hopeful, open minded, happy, free, carefree, curious, willing, adventurous, possibly too naïve, able, capable, potential yet to be realized, newborn / very young ( not necessarily of age, may be of mind, mindset, emotionally, mentally, etc )

  • Sharia Barrick says:

    I don’t think the Fool has any personality. He has a zone or aura where experience is processed unmitigated by any bias or prejudice whatsoever (including for self preservation), and an internalization that is really a disintegration of any specific value or way of thinking about things. So, he is very unsettling to most people, and very strange, either as a kind of person one meets or an influence in someone’s life, just as the card should suggest.I think the happy Fool cards only give one side of the story. The reason he is happy is he is liberated from any concern most people would consider essential to basic human survival, much less human thriving.Jesus talked about this—just allow God to provide for you as the birds of the field do. And do the work of God without worrying about your personal wellbeing.You don’t see many Christians (or anybody) doing that, do you?

  • caldwell says:

    Bold, fearless and limitless.

  • Morena T. says:


  • hayden siegel says:

    A young or even old person with a young spirit carefree unconscious taking risk but having fun and naive in a lot of areas

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