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Extra Sensory Perception

Extra sensory perception is a term which describes the ability to receive and send information through the sixth sense. There are several ways a psychic can channel the information and they include through clairvoyance, telepathy and precognition. A psychic may use one communication method or be able to use more than one method of processing information when communicating with the spirit world.

ESP Is Much More Than a Hunch

Extra sensory perception that has not been developed may often seem more like a hunch or simple intuition on the surface. But a trained psychic spends considerable time developing ESP abilities so the use of the sixth sense becomes a finely honed skill. The three kinds of ESP refer to the different ways information is transmitted from the world of the spirits. For example, telepathy is the ability to communicate through the mind. They can share messages mind-to-mind with another person. When the spirit world reveals information about your life to the reader, the message can be transmitted to you through the connection of minds. Clairvoyance is the ability to see events using the sixth sense rather than the five senses. With clairvoyance the messages from the spirit world are transmitted through images. There is also clairsentience which is spirit communication through touch, and clairaudience which is being able to hear sounds from the spirit world. Precognition is extra sensory perception which is able to predict the future. The information is sent and received between the reader and spirit world through intuition, dreams or psychic tools.

In “Sight” Using the Psychic Mind

ESP is a form of intuitive insight that can convey many different kinds of information. A psychic with ESP can gain insight into the future or make predictions that include warnings. Often this insight is related to future events that will impact your life, but it can also involve unraveling the past or gaining information about the present which enhances life. Extra sensory perception means being able to accept and send information from the spiritual world. An intuitive psychic uses the power of ESP to channel life enhancing information. Intuition is used to heal and improve life in every area including careers, relationships and health. Like any two-way conversation, the psychic can only convey the information the spirit world chooses to reveal. But when the connection is made the psychic information can be used in business and personal areas of life. This is a psychic gift. It’s much more than just a hunch or a feeling. It is the actual transmission of information between the psychic and the spiritual world. The intuition that is ESP is a sixth sense that a psychic develops as a skill. When you get a psychic reading, you are getting the benefit of that training and ESP development.

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