Are there evil spirit guides?

Are there evil spirit guides?

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One day during this past summer I asked or a spirit guide to help me and all that came over me was terrible, frightening and simply scary intense feelings... Is there such thing as an evil spirit guide?At the time I thought it was a demon trying to lead me to my death.

I suggest looking up some info on psychic shielding. In addition, I would challenge any entity you encounter with whatever higher power you believe in.

From what I know, there are two types of people - open and closed. When your trying to contact your guide - your open. And it would make sense that anyone could jump in to the position.

Or it could just be that primordial instinct of being afraid when something you can't see and have never experienced before hits you in the head.?


No. It wasn't a spirit guide, that's a fact. Spirit Guides don't attack like that, that was a psychic attack. You said " I asked or a spirit guide to help me" ...what do you mean exactly? Because if you ask a random spirit to come to you that is really dangerous, there are plenty of spirits out there that want to take advantage of you ( I had plenty of experiences trust me ) when they see a chance they take it.
When asking a spirit guide to come to you do NOT use words like " Descend to me " ; "Come Down To Me" ; or anything that might imply going down from a high place. Spirit Guides are with you all the time they aren't in some high far away place where no one can see them. Use sentences like " Dear Divine Spirit Guide, please make your presence felt and please aid me in this task " , if you know any Guide's name that would be good, cuz asking random Angels or Archangel or such to come to you is kinda dangerous and can result in someone else coming.

Here are some tips that can help you prevent these things:
1: Bless your room before calling
2: Use different circles of protection, spells, etc. ( btw Latin is an EXTRA powerful language in which you can cast protection spells )
3: When calling on the Divine, know that they are always with you , say things like " Make your presence FELT to me Divine Being " because in truth the Pure are always with you , NEGs( or spirits with bad intentions) aren't always with you and some cannot enter your home for example due to some sort of "Force" i belive, some just simply cannot get to you unless you invite them and when asking at random for a spirit to come, you basically open yourself to plenty of spirits in the area ( Perhaps this is where the legend of "Vampires cannot enter a home unless they are invited" comes from )
4: If after calling a Divine being, if you immediatly feel something wrong , or you feel like your tummy hurts or pressure around the lower part of your chest or the chest, or you have a headache or pains around the back and lower parts of the legs, if you feel all those immediatlly ask "IT" to leave, if it doesn't cast some spells ( I"ll give you some )
5: If by accident you call a NEG , please do not DARE it to do things to you like saying " I bet you can't hurt me,cuz I'm too strong " or stuff like that, that's very dangerous , you never know what the spirit has done before, just tell it to leave in a commanding voice and if not cast the spells.
6: If under a Psychic attack by an entity/spirit pass over running water (rivers , garden hoses, etc)

Spirit Guides will NEVER ever make you do something against your will , they might give you advice that you do not approve of, but if at all they start saying stuff like " DO that or I will get mad " or anything like that. Not good, that's not a spirit guide at all.
Also they will not help you do things that might hurt others or reveal personal information about someone against that person's will.?


there is a belief that like attracts like and that negative people get negative guides if this is true it seems perverse but the reverse does seems true that positive people ;strong lightworkers get strong guides i think that the most logical reason for not seeing them is that the aspirant does not have the vibration to meet the guide or does not have any clairvoyance developed yet guides do make themselves known it does not drain them to show themselves to us sitting in regular daily meditation will help you to see and hear your guides


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