Empress Tarot Card Meanings

Empress Tarot Card Meanings

The Empress tarot card meaning

Card Number: III The Empresss Arcana (3)

The Empress upright

ability to motivate others, abundance accomplishment, beauty, children, feminine influence, Feminine progress, femininity, Fertility, fruitfulness, intuition, marriage, mother, nature, practicality, sister, wife,

The Empress Reversed

anxiety, Creative block, delay, dependence on others, inaction, indecision, infertility, infidelity, lack of concentration, lack of interest, poverty could disrupt the home, Vacillation, War and destruction,

Tarot Symbol

There is a gown which is decorated with pomegranates, a crown of stars, a rod and a heart-shaped shield with Venus symbol. There is also a field of ripe wheat.

Tarot Story

Empress tarotThe Fool, after taking his advice from the High Priestess, had decided what will be the shape of his future and had courageously decided to move forward. However, he is rather impatient and not very willingly to take the necessary steps to make his future into a reality that he wanted. This is when he chanced upon the Empress. The Empress had golden hair, like wheat and had a crown of stars. She wore a white grown which is decorated with pomegranates. She looked serene and at ease and rested on her throne which was surrounded by an abundance of grain. There was also a lush garden.

The Fool related his story to the Empress who advised him that his future will take time to build, just like a newly planted grain which requires fertile soil and patience in order to grow into a plant. The Fool took the advice and understand that his future will take some time to be built. He thanked the Empress and continued with his journey.

Tarot meaning

The Empress is a creator and may represent a creation of life, romance or businesses. The Magician is an individual who provides the spark of idea, while the High Priestess is one who “solidify” the idea. However, it is the Empress who gestates and nurtures the idea. The Empress provides the Earthly gifts yet when her daughter, Persephone was kinapped, she kept the Earth barren until her child was returned to her.

Generally, The Empress is an easy card to interpret and read. She’s generally read as an individual who is patient and generous. However, she also worries about issues such as children. This individual may be someone close to the querent, such as the querent’s mum.

Basically, this card is read like this: if the Empress represents the querent, the querent has to note that in order for his or her romance to blossom or for his or her career to take flight, the querent has to pay attention and baby the romance or the career. However, patience is also required and know that time is required for the romance or the career to really mature. This is the advice provided by reading this tarot card.

What is your interpretation of this card? Let us know below even if its the same card but is in a different tarot deck.

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  • Lori Launier says:

    Is she goddess or is she every woman, every child, every man? She is Isis, Corn Woman; she is Erzulie, Aphrodite, Mary… But mostly she is us, or rather she is that part of us that is creative and imaginative and capable of ruling our own empire.

    With this card we encounter all that is sensate and all that is alive. The Empress is passion, for it is through passion that we come to know and to understand our existence, physically and spiritually. Until we experience what we term the ‘outer world’ there is little hope of transcending it and grasping the spiritual.

    “He who knows others is wise;
    He who knows himself is enlightened.”

    The image of the Empress in most occult decks, and the vast majority of contemporary female-centered decks, give us an ideal of the nature of woman, replete with nature surrounding her. Thus she is portrayed as the quintessential Mother Nature, but she is more, much more.

    The Waite-Smith deck, the BOTA deck, and some few others depict her thusly: at her feet grows a ripening field of grain; a temperate forest is behind her, the stream that arose from the hem of the High Priestess’ gown flows from the forest to water the agricultural land.

    The field of grain is everything that nourishes us, whether physically, emotionally, or intellectually. The cypress trees are representational of the longevity of the quest for an understanding of our nature.

    The stream is all that which artificially separates reality into segments. The water signifies change, movement and stability. Is this an oxymoron? No, for the waters of the river are flowing, being absorbed by the Earth, evaporating into the sky, thus never the same: the waters alter the landscape in countless ways, yet the land and the stream remain that particular piece of land and that particular stream.

    Here we encounter one of the great conundrums of physical life: our body is constantly being built and destroyed, cell-by-cell, but yet functions remarkably well with little conscious effort or maintenance. Our animal bodies are composed mostly of water, thus if we can truly hear we can become attuned to the rhythm of our internal stream and begin to pull all the segments of reality into a whole. This is where passion transforms us into more than our animal bodies.

    The Empress’ diadem twinkles with twelve stars, her necklace has nine planets, she is quite literally adorned with the universe. We too can adorn ourselves with the universe. We but need to see beneath the obvious and to embrace the creative imagination that we are inherently gifted with. Her scepter plainly tells all who see that she is the queen of all she surveys. Upon her gown are roses symbolizing the unfurling of knowledge. The yellow sky, on this card, is intellect.

    The Empress understands nature, she knows the universe, she is the touchstone of the laws, and she is the doyen of art, science, mystery, and secrets. She is the transformer, she contains All the expressions, demands, joys, and sorrows of life on Earth.

    The symbol for Venus is engraved on the heart-shaped shield at her side. Venus is the patron saint of the arts as well as holding sway over the realm of love. Venus is symbolic of all that is desirable, pleasurable, and beautiful.

    The Empress is fertile and in fact may be pregnant. This is no ordinary being with child and the birth will not be either. The birth is of us, not as child, man, nor woman but as victory. When we give birth to our regenerated self we are victorious, not for a moment and not in one segment, but for all time and in all ways. WE have the ability and the power to bring forth all things. Victory is the ability we have to understand our desires and then in handling that desire. All the while realizing that, contrary to popular opinion, there is nothing wrong with desire!

    We are not even required to be actively involved in this birth: the Empress is quite capable of gestating without anyone’s assistance. Some of us, however, would rather be active participants in our lives than bystanders. The Empress will grant our desires…

    With this card we can examine reproduction on every level, nature in all her guises, and our own creativeness and imagination. Pregnancy is a potent concept in this card, for by undertaking a journey through the cards we are dealing with life. By taking on the task of dealing with life we must confront ourselves, physically, mentally, and spiritually. It is a challenge to open the door to ourselves. Without a doubt we are creative, imaginative and beautiful, Now the question is, what are we going to do with all that?

    That is what the waterfall in Waite-Smith’s card is telling us: power comes from within! In the sensate world the stream flows across flat land and ascends mountains, to descend once again for our use, or benefit, our passion. The Empress is the card of being awakened to who we are and how we can thrive. She is not the feminine aspect; she is everything…when we are admitted into her realm we should expect to be overwhelmed.

  • Heidi Post says:


    The Empress sits in luxury on pillows in the middle of a lush landscape. She has blonde hair, fair skin and blue eyes, her lips are the pink of youth and vitality. On her head is a green wreath and a crown of 12 white stars. She wears a pearl necklace which is partially obscured by her yellow lace collar.

    She is wearing a long, white, long-sleeved dress, covered in pomegranates. It drapes comfortably over her body, and falls about her feet. One red shoe peeks out beneath the folds.

    Her left hand rests on her knee, while her right hand is held aloft, she is holding a small gold scepter, which resembles an ice-cream cone.

    The Empress leans on a big orange cushion with a dark brown trim. A red blanked is beneath her on the brown seat. A pink, tasseled bed-roll is behind the orange cushion, and yet another cushion is behind the bed-roll. This one is brown and yellow with a pattern of the ‘female’ symbol all over it.

    Beside the Empress, on the ground, is a grey shield in the shape of a heart, it too has a ‘female’ or Venus symbol. The circle of the symbol is filled in light green.

    In front of the empress wheat grows tall and golden. Behind her is a green fertile forest, a small stream runs through it, cascading in a small waterfall to the Empress’ left.

    LBW:- Feminine progress, fruitfulness, accomplishment, mother, sister, wife, marriage, children, feminine influence,ability to motivate others, practicality, intuition.

    Reversed:- Vacillation, inaction, lack of interest, lack of concentration, indecision, delay, anxiety, infertility, infidelity.

  • Rosemary Ford says:

    The Empress is a woman very much in control of here life and her surroundings. She is extremely capable of making decisions and implementing those decisions. She draws life to her and gives life to those around her. She nurtures and feeds all that is positive. Sometimes she represents the “Mother” image and sometimes she is the Mother. Strength is an important quality of this card, but it is the protective strength of a mother. This card deals with the qualities one would wish to have in the ideal mother: love, strength, wisdom, caring, healing, nurturing, shielding. Life is strong in her. This is a woman’s full flowering of power and wisdom through love. The many gifts of life are provided in full abundance. A cornucopia is an ideal symbol for this card.

    She demonstrates the abundance and fertility of life. She shows us that we have the power to have all things we desire in our lives. She represents the “Earth Mother” concept in some very real ways. While she can represent actual fertility as in a real pregnancy, she usually represents the pregnancy or birthing of new ideas, new projects, new events, and even new abundance happening in our everyday world. In other words, this card shows a time of enormous productivity and material prosperity. It also tells the reader that this is a time of nurturing and healing in the client’s life. This card is very centered on the earthly delights of life and love. There is no reason for us not to enjoy these things in our lives when Nature provides them with such abundance as long as we harm no one, including ourselves. She reminds us that life was meant to be enjoyed in all of its fullness and splendor, and that love is the most important ingredient to life.

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