Emperor Tarot Card Meanings

Emperor Tarot Card Meanings

The Emperor tarot card meaning

Card Number: IV The Empresss Arcana (4)

The Emperor upright

authority, brother, confidence, domination of intelligence and reason over emotion & passion, father, husband, indomitable spirit, male influence, patriarchal figure. stability, war-making tendencies, wealth, Worldly power,

The Emperor Reversed

Emotional immaturity, failure to control petty emotions Immaturity, inability, indecision, ineffectiveness, Loss of self control, possibility of injury or theft, weakness of character,


Tarot Symbol

There is a throne, ram’s head, orb and scepter.

Tarot Story

Emperor tarotThe Magician provided the Fool with options. The Fool met the High Priestess and chose one of the tools. The Fool learnt how to develop this tool he had decided on, with the help of the Empress. The crucial issue for the Fool now is to learn how to manage his tool. It is at this point of time that he meets an Emperor. The Emperor sits on the stone throne and the Fool is amazed by the way the Emperor carries himself. The Fool feels that the Emperor runs his empire very well and asks the Emperor how he had managed to rule his Empire so effectively. The Emperor advised the Fool that a strong will and a solid foundation are necessary qualities but also advised the Fool that qualities such as creativity is also important. Other valuable qualities include aggressiveness and braveness. These are qualities of a leader and the Fool takes this piece of advice to heart. Rather than being a follower, the Fool heads out with a new purpose and a new direction in life.

Tarot Meaning

The Emperor signifies the leader that many people will like to follow. He rules an Empire and sits in a throne. However, the throne can be a trap and may be a responsibility that may cause the Emperor to feel restless and discontented. When you draw and read this card, it basically means being in control over your body, love life and environment. If you are the querent for this card, it is time to consider if the Empire you might be yearning after is an unwelcome chore and if you find yourself unhappy, it might be worthwhile to rethink if the Empire is suitable for you.

What is your interpretation of this card? Let us know below even if its the same card but is in a different tarot deck.

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  • Lori Launier says:

    The overriding message of The Emperor cards is that our future depends on how we rule over our lives utilizing the experiences we have had and putting the useful things we have learned into practice.

    The Emperor allows us to step back from how we are living our lives and critically evaluate how we function in our empire, not the empire out there, but the empire of our physical bodies. If we have destructive habits, or are careless of our physical, emotional, or spiritual wellbeing we have not learned reason and we are not ruling our empire justly and fairly.

    The Emperor urges us to ask questions of ourselves and how we are managing our physical bodies, our minds, our intellect, ourselves.

    . What is it that we want from life?
    . What steps can be taken to bring those wants into existence?
    . What habits do I have that are harmful? beneficial?
    . Where do I want to be physically four months from now?
    . Where do I want to be emotionally four months from now?
    . Where do I want to be spiritually four months from now?
    . How can I bring reason into my physical life?
    . How can I bring reason into my emotional life?
    . How can I bring reason into my spiritual life?
    . Why do I not rule my own empire with care, concern, and beneficence?
    . Why do I desire to change my physical, emotional, or spiritual life?
    . Why do I need/want/require rules and regulations?

  • SHayline BOurne says:

    Emperors, throughout history, have been seen as the embodiment of power: removed, separate, apart from those who were subject to his scepter. Virility, cunning, ruthlessness, having the ability to make a plan and see that plan to fruition are aspects of historical emperors and are aspects of the tarot Emperor as well.

    Emperors had absolute dominion over empires. His authority was absolute and his laws were considered to be God-given. Emperors were often pictured in Renaissance art as striding the ramparts with a bolt of fire in one hand and a heraldic shield in the other, defending their empire from harm. Seldom are emperors pictured with the people of the empire, and for much of history the people were inconsequential to the empire.

    Even highly placed royal women were subject to being bartered to an enemy for the betterment of the empire, children were routinely used as pawns in a real-life game of chess.

    In the antique decks and in most occult decks and even in some modern decks the Emperor is shown with the heraldic emblem of an eagle. The eagle is both glyph and symbol of the Holy Roman Empire. The heraldic eagle can be traced back to the earliest Roman legions and, in effect, is the sigil of the warrior and of the Sun, the sky, manifest in the beating of its wings: a tutelary symbol, just as the emperor was a tutelary symbol.

    The tarot Emperor is the apex of secular hierarchy, as well. He is the ultimate symbol of masculine energy, power, force, and ego, and considering the milieu from which the tarot arose, he was Master of the World.

    The power, energy, and force of Mars is derived from the solar source, the fire that embodies the actions of Aries and is in turn the fire that is embodied by the Emperor of the tarot. He was known in the OGD as the Sun of the Morning, and come the next astrological change, Mars will be prominent in the early morning sky.

  • Heidi Post says:

    The Emperor sits on a stone throne in the centre of the card. there are stone rams’ heads on the each side of the dead rest, and on each arm rest. The Emperor wears a golden crown with red and blue jewels embedded in it. He has long grey hair, and a long grey beard. He is facing us, and his expression is one of concentration. His bright blue eyes are looking over to his right, almost as if he is spying on someone.

    He is wearing a cloak that is draped over his shoulders and across his chest. It is maroon, with a dark fuchsia stripe. On his left shoulder is a large, round, black patch with what looks like a rams head embroidered in orange. Long blue sleeves cover his arms. I his left had in a golden orb, in his right is a scepter. It looks like a golden ‘T’ with a circle on top. The Emperor has an orange tunic that comes down past his knees. He is wearing armor boots. In the background are rough mountains, the predominant colour is orange, as if it were sunset. A very thin blue stream runs along the foot of the mountains.

    LBW:- Worldly power, confidence, wealth, stability, authority, indomitable spirit, war-making tendencies, father, brother, husband, male influence, domination of intelligence and reason over emotion & passion, patriarchal figure.

    Reversed:- Immaturity, ineffectiveness, indecision, inability, weakness of character, failure to control petty emotions.

  • Rosemary Ford says:

    It deals with issues of control and responsibility. This card represents the part of each of us that must handle responsibility, be in control, or let go at the proper time. There is always a time when someone must make a decision and this card represents the highest qualities in us for handling those times. He teaches us the very important lesson of responsible decision-making. Sometimes, it is extremely important to use our wisdom to exercise control over our surroundings. This is the card of authority — authority used responsibly to see that things get done. Decisions have to be made, whether we wish to be in that position or not. Our physical surroundings are such that we must be in charge of our lives. He shows us how to exercise control in a wise and moderate manner. In some ways, the Emperor and the Empress cards are almost interchangeable — they both deal with using one’s wisdom to direct one’s life. But this card deals more with putting one’s knowledge and wisdom to use in a controlled manner in the everyday world. It is a card of actively controlling one’s life, whereas the Empress card is more one of providing for one’s life.

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