Insightful Psychics Dream Interpretation

dream interpretation

Dreams are one of the most mystical experiences that almost all humans (and probably other animals) perceive in their lives. So far, many thinkers, scientists and theorists have postulated different theories in the support of the root of dreams and what the  contents of imply. Needless to say, not enough theorists come into the same concrete conclusion in their effort to analyze dreams.

Dream interpretation or dream analysis is a procedure with which the symbolic meaning of dream contents is explored. When we sleep, we dream and these night thoughts do not come when we are awake and at our full-sense (quite obviously, here we are not talking about day-dreaming). So basically dreams come when we do not have any conscious control of our mind. This is why they are formed in the periphery of subconscious and unconscious mind. However, our physical and mental state of being also brings significant influence over our dream content.

The Process of Dream Analysis or Dream Interpretation

With the help of the interpretation, we become able to interpret the communication between our conscious, subconscious and unconscious minds, aka mind, body and spirit, however, in symbolic communicative fashion. If you would like to experiment with dream analysis process, you first need to know how to sleep properly. First choose a peaceful and quiet place, and then relax yourself completely.

During your relaxation process, put a close attention over the main theme of your mind. Make it run freely, but you must observe how it flows. Don’t emphasis much, or you will become conscious. Now give yourself suggestion to remember the  contents you saw. Don’t make your suggestion too long and over-demanding. Rather try to keep it simple like “I will remember my dream”.

Don’t wake up in rush; rather try to wake up slowly and peacefully. Also don’t forget to take a good care of your health. If your health is not well, your visions will be biased to abnormal.

The Basic Part of Dream Analysis

The first thing of analysis of this type is to understand the underlying theme of the night time vision. You need to record it down as soon as you awake, so that you can get it fully at the time of interpretation. It will also help you to analyze your dream from different perspectives and dimensions.

Let us consider that you have a dream of falling down from a high place. It is very likely that you will not be able to wake up peacefully, if you see such visions. Now when you analyze this dream, the basic theme governing the dream is that you are falling, no matter where from. This may imply that you are somehow insecure from your inner-self and thus your relationship between your mind, body and soul is somehow obstructed. It may be possible that you get the message from the dream content itself to identify the object of obstruction, all you need to understand and interpret your dream carefully.

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