1. Great for an in-depth look at a specific situation or focused question. This spread is very linear, so it’s easy to read and understand as each position builds on the last. I got this spread from Spiritual Tarot, Seventy-Eight Paths to Personal Development (great book!)

    Star Guide Readings Spread

    Card 1: Facts First; present situation, reason for asking.
    Card 2: Sage Advice; what is causing conflict or impediments.
    Card 3: Dragons to Slay; what needs to change to overcome challenges.
    Card 4: Right Use of Talents; what you need to draw upon to make the change.
    Card 5: More Possibilities; additional areas that need work or resources available to you.
    Card 6: Crucial Insight; final advice or outcome.

  2. Scotti P. says:

    Horoscope Spread: This is one of the most commonly used and explained spreads in Tarot. The Horoscope Spread can be read in many ways. I will describe two. The first is to read each position as the chances, challenges, and tasks to be presented in each month of the upcoming year. The second relates more to your current situation. Position explanations can be found below the layout.
    horoscope spread

    Card 1: All Beginnings. Personality, potential, outward appearance.
    Card 2: What one values, tangible assets, material possessions.
    Card 3: Mental activity, communication, writing, siblings, neighbors.
    Card 4: Private life, home, family, and parents.
    Card 5: Creativity, emotions, romance, children, art, entertainment.
    Card 6: Health, work, hygiene, employees, service.
    Card 7: Relationships marriage, partnerships, contracts.
    Card 8: Sex, death, degacies, the occult, external influence
    Card 9: Higher education, law philosophy, religion, dreams, long-distance travel.
    Card 10: Public life, career, profession, ambitions, honors.
    Card 11: Friends, associations, groups, hopes, wishes.
    Card 12: Unconscious mind, karma, secrets, hidden limitations.

  3. charlotta says:

    The Single Card

    is actually a very useful Tarot tool for meditations, simple questions and daily practice. I usually pull a single card for myself daily to get a view of how my day will go and to get advice or inspiration. Yes you can read for yourself. The only problem you will usually find reading for your self is your own opinions. You may find yourself reading only the good parts of a card or spread or conversely reading to harshly so as to not give yourself false hopes. My best advice here is to look into your heart when you read and know that you are being true to yourself.

    You can also pull a single card to meditate on, sleep on, or just to contemplate. I often do single card pulls for individuals in groups, or at parties just to give people an idea of what Tarot can tell them.

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