Cosmic Tribe Tarot review

Cosmic Tribe Tarot review

by Stevee Postman and book by Eric Ganther

The art work is beautiful, the quality of the printing exceptionally good, and the accompanying book by Eric Ganther is well done. All in all Stevee Postman has done an outstanding job with “The Cosmic Tribe Tarot” ISBN 0-89281-700-3 available through Destiny Books, 1 Park Street, Rochester Vermont 05767.
What really got my attention initially was all the genitalia hanging around. But after I put my Puritanical upbringing away for a moment, I noticed the artwork was really quite remarkable. It’s a combination of photographs and computerized graphics, maybe there are a few enhancements as well.

Then I found the three versions of the Lovers Card (Key VI). First were two naked females hanging on to each other in a provocative pose. Now, I’m not anti-gay by any means, but this was shocking. The next card was even more shocking, it was two naked men embracing each other and this card was called the Lovers (Key VI) as well. But that’s not all. There’s the third Key VI for those among us who prefer members of the opposite sex.

If you are open to pictures of naked people, you’ll love the Major Arcana and court cards of this deck as well as some of the minor arcana. If you don’t like pictures of naked people you might not like this deck. I’m one of those people who don’t like to see pictures of naked people in full view and everything hanging out, but I like this deck not for the creativeness.

The two of disks shows a half-red and half-green butterfly emerging from a spiral of rings containing a female figure. The black and yellow eyes on the red and green wings is strikingly beautiful. The Nine of Cups shows rainbows issuing from each cup. The colors are wonderful. The Ten of Wands is a muscular man bent over under the load of ten burning wands. His head is the head of an ass and an owl is perched between his ears. The symbolism is vivid. The Three of Swords are formed as an inverse “V” with the three points together with flower petals highlighting a mystical-appearing background. How soft and beautiful!

The Hierophant is blue sky filled with lines of eyes floating in space and crystals below with a man in three separate poses of supplication, internalization and meditation fading up and away. It’s absolutely electrifying. The Hermit is a man holding a lantern at the entrance to a building. Three dogs watch from behind. The man’s arm is fully visible and the rest of him fades away to an outline containing beautiful fields, clouds and a great tree. This is art, true art, exciting art, wonderful art and refreshing art.

This is not a deck I will probably not use in divination, but I will forever enjoy as art and for my personal readings. It is a deck I may convert into a tableau and frame in my study. It is a deck I will use for meditation and contemplation. And it is a deck for which Stevee, Eric, Inner Traditions and Destiny Books may be proud.

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