Composite Charts - Mid Point vs Davidson

Composite Charts – Mid Point vs Davidson

Can anyone tell me the difference between these two types of Composite charts? Would also like to hear some opinions on which one seems to be more accurate, and why you’ve reached that conclusion. Does anyone have some good links that offer some aspect interps. for composite charts? thanks all, in advance.


A “normal” composite chart is just based on the midpoints between two planets – let’s say my Sun is at 25 Pisces, and yours happens to be at 25 Taurus, then our composite Sun is at 25 Aries.

The Davison chart is based on a true “midpoint” between dates and places. Let’s say I was born in London on 15 March 1960, and you were born in New York on 15 May 1963, then the “half way” date is 15 October 1961 – so although our composite Sun is Aries, our Davison composite Sun will be Libra. So to get the Davison chart, you’d construct a single chart based on a date half way between our birthdays, and a place half way between our birth places (ie somewhere in the mid-Atlantic in this example).

There’s a very good article about this here: