Composite charts : A Closer Look

Composite chart : A Closer Look

The video that were looking at today is about Saturn conjunct Pluto. The author in the video goes into great detail about the meaning of this aspect and how it affects you. Comment in the comment section below and give us your take on exactly what this means to you, or how it's affected you in your lifetime.

  • Labd says:

    Hi folks,
    Can someone help me understand the difference between the Composite and First Meeting Chart in a relationship. From what I read, the composite chart is a chart of the relationship and helps understand how the relationship will behave and will be perceived by others. But I am struggling to find a support for this hypothesis. For example if one person’s Sun is in Virgo and the other persons’s is in Scorpio, then the composite sun can be in Libra. Does this make sense? How can the blending of Vigro and Scorpio energies lead to a Libra energy (which is so different from either)? How can combining Earth and Water signs blend into an Air sign? This only makes sense if the progressions along the signs follows a continuum, which is clearly not the case.

    Wouldn’t the characteristics of the relationships and how it is perceived by others be better captured by the First Meeting Chart, when the relationship was born? I understand that most people don’t quite know their first meeting times with other people, but does that mean that the composite chart can substitute for it? It doesn’t makes sense to me, but would be curious to know what others think.

    • Pinky says:

      I hear what you’re saying LABD but somehow the composite chart works for me. I’ve only ever used it for my husband and I but it has really been fruitful, particularly the angles. We bought a house suddenly when Uranus transited the IC and got married when Pluto transiting the Ascendant. We also sold the house when Uranus first ingressed into the next sign (Aries) [I tend to use whole sign]. We have decided to move countries (back to his native England) as Saturn stationed on our composite Moon. I’m a little worried to see transiting Neptune approaching our composite Sun but that will be a true test of the composite chart as well.

      Also when Uranus enters Aries again for good, it will go into our composite 5th house and we will be due to deliver our 2nd child, probably a Aries Sun conjunct Uranus bub, as it goes!

      Anyway, they’re just my personal examples, and I have previously studied other charts in my astrology classes but I’d have to dig them out to jog my memory. By the way, I used referred place composite which I’ve found very helpful in my case being an Australian married to an Englishman, and our relationship has been in my native city for the duration. The MC/IC does not change when we move to England but the Ascendant/Desc angles move back to the previous sign….

      I think it would be hard to create a chart on the first meeting; plus sometimes its not until some time after the first meeting that a relationship even starts to grow into the potential. Some people meet and don’t have a relationship per se until years later when they re-meet… complicated…

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