Cleaning A Tarot Card Deck

Cleaning a tarot deck

Clearing a Tarot Deck

By: Kelly Cree

When you bring home a new deck of tarot cards you want to clear them. Clearing is a process of spiritually cleaning the cards to remove any negative energy or blocks that they may have accumulated. When you clear a tarot card deck for the first time you are also putting your own energy into the deck. There are many ways one can clear a deck. It’s a matter of preference for the reader.

It is suggested that when one gets a new deck of tarot cards that they are spiritually prepared and cleansed. This is so you can read more accurately. Negative energy and blocks obviously can impede the clarity of a reading. When you clear a tarot deck you are preparing them to use. In addition to clearing the tarot cards many readers also cleanse the space and objects they use in conducting readings also. The room you read in, the table you use and any other things related to the reader and the cards can be cleansed prior to a reading.

The idea is that a spiritually clean space along with the cards gives a clear reading free of the negative or blocking debris that collects naturally. This includes energy from other people and things like unwanted energy. The reason behind being spiritually cleanliness is that it is close to godliness or what ones perception of god is. Clean energy portends positivity. And you want positivity when you are doing a reading.

In addition to a initial clearings many readers do little cleanings in between their readings to keep their cards clean. This ensures that any negativity that was picked up in a consultation is dismissed and removed before the next reading. Some readers clean themselves and their cards after every reading and others choose to do it periodically. They may do it on a specific day and time on a regular basis. It doesn’t matter how you clear your cards, all that matters is that you are calling good energy to assist you and removing any negative energy.

Like other forms of divination so are the Tarot cards. All types of divination require some sort of energy in order to conduct the reading. Clearing the cards and space eliminates the spiritual residue that the energy builds. This helps reduce the possibility of inaccurate and false readings clouded by that debris. This is especially true for those readers who let their clients touch the cards. When someone touches a readers cards; their cards are then picking up other peoples energy physically and psychically. In that case you don’t want the next reading to have the last persons energy attached to it. Clearing your tarot deck and space is like giving them fresh air to breathe. You have to breathe fresh air yourself and so does the cards and your space to help you to give you the best reading you can give.

This method can be used for any tarot card decks or tarot decks that you pick up at the store or online. Make sure that you purchase them yourself and not to use ones given to you from someone else. You don’t want their negativity clouding your card readings.

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  • Paula Wildheart says:

    I really like laying the cards on a bed of selenite and then putting some crystals on top. Easy for me. White light with intention can work, any type of energy work, it is your intention that is important that goes along with the ceremony or ritual. I do a little ritual with new cards as well as a deck interview (more to get to know the deck), but I keep it very simple because if I have to wait to the moon is full, hop on one leg traveling east, have specific herbs, and do the hokey pokey at precisely midnight, this is never going to happen. In other words, make it simple and effective for you. Since I am the only one who uses my cards, I do not find the need to cleanse them that often, more physically from my grimy little paw prints than energetically. In that case, I take a lightly damp cloth with vinegar water or one of those microfiber cloths.

    Some smudge the cards or run each card through incense, I do not do this as I have multiple chemical sensitivity. If I went for a room and the person smudged the room that morning and ran the cards through smoke either sage or incense, I would probably have to leave, choke, choke….

    There are many ways to cleanse cards before you use them and rituals. Some believe these must be performed and no one is ever allowed to touch their deck, others believe none of it needs to be done, that the deck is the collective energy of all it encounters from people to readings. Look up on the Internet you will see all sorts of things you can try, and it is best to try different things to come up with the perfect thing that works for you, and belief is alot of it. I experiment, and I found that the selenite really works for me. Selenite is a self cleaning crystal, yay, less work for me and I am all about the ease.

  • Lanie says:

    I like fanning the deck over burning incense. Usually I get a feel for anything occultic that I touch and if I don’t like the energy coming off something then I leave it alone. No amount of cleaning will take a creepy or heavy feeling off an item.

  • lady lazenby says:

    I bought a used deck that I had a problem with. It was not its energy but the stench of incense. I tried everything I could think of for 9 months to air this deck out and the guidebook, but nothing worked and the smell made me sick every time I got near them. It was rare deck at a really low price that you can’t find everyday too. Finally had to donate. I am not a fan of stinky sage or incense for health reasons, and just know that scent can permeate your cards and books, but if that is not a problem for you or your customers, and this is the method that works for you, I say go for it.

    • Melissa Martinez says:

      In my experience a cloying scent is one of those indications that an object has something or someones energy hanging around it. Incense won’t usually stick around like that. Even perfume or oils will fade over time. Whenever I have had something that smelled unpleasant and it wouldn’t dissapate I have gotten rid of it.

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