Choosing The Dark side or the light side as a psychic reader

Choosing The Dark side or the light side as a psychic reader

There are three different facets of your human identity: the physical being, the mental being, and the spiritual being. All three work as one to represent a person’s visible being and his character.

There are certain laws of attraction that help a person in his psychic development. Using these psychic development techniques, one can tap into great powers vested in him and in the universe. But, “with great power comes great responsibility.”

Though there is only one right path of psychic development to enhance one’s spiritual being, create positive energy circles, eliminate the impact of bad memories and painful past, and generate real positive powers for common good, people at times will be lured by the negative path. This is usually because they have selfish motives.

As the name itself suggests, “Light Path” is the bright and optimized path that will reap the bright results–the ones that you really need. It is easy to get distracted as the “Dark Path” of magic brings in quick results without much effort. How can you differentiate between the right path of psychic development and the wrong one? Between the light path and the dark path?

  1. The light path works on principals of self-enhancement, while the dark path works on the fulfilling your desires at other’s expense.
  2. The aim of the light path is self-enhancement. It results in truly enhanced growth of your spiritual aspects, while the dark path leads negative magic that is for nothing more than ego fulfillment.
  3. When the light path takes you higher and makes you close to nature and universal positive energy, and gives multiplied returns that are positive, the negative energy gets multiplied through dark path.
  4. The practice of the light path glorifies your being in the long run, whiles the dark path, through reaps a handful of results one desires, destroys ones entire spiritual facet in the long run.

The Dark side of the Easy Path

The dark path of ego is attractive, for it is fast, but that is the trick. Since it is fast, it gnaws on your patience, and patience is the food of the soul. Patience is what the soul feeds on. The greed of fast results destroys your soul’s very base.

The dark path makes you focus deeply on mala fide intentions. Your intentions create and attract energy that is similar to your intentions, and thus you end up being surrounded by multiplied negativity, that leads to a low life. Based karma principals, such negativity will surround the practitioners for many years because, “as you sow so shall you reap.”

The dark path is path of low and subtle vibrations, and that is where the astral critters reside. Once a soul enters the low vibrations zone, he is an easy prey for astral critters, and he is far from the blessings of angels and the supreme power, who reside in the high vibrations zone of positive energy.

Let the Light Guide You

By keeping your intentions, actions (karma), and faith optimistic, the law of attraction will bless you with flawless abundance–not just for you, but also for all those who come in contact with you. This leads to further multiplication of positive energy, and your energy circle becomes strong enough that it cannot be breached by any mala fide ways. As they say, “your intentions color your thoughts, your thoughts fuel your words, your words dictate your actions, your actions turn in to your habits, your habit results in your character, and your character defines your destiny.” To ignite a blissful destiny for health and prosperity for ages, or to give in to a momentary Pandora’s Box of attractions, is purely your own choice.


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