Celtic Cross Tarot - How to set it all up

Celtic Cross Tarot – How to set it all up

celtic cross tarot layout

The celtic cross tarot spread is a typical 10 card spread. It can give you an in depth look into the situation you are wanting to know the answers to. The following is how to set the spread up or to understand how a tarot reader will have done it for you during a reading. Shuffle and Cut the deck as shown in the picture above.

1: This is the Signifier card. You may allow the querent to choose one that suits them, you may choose for them, or you may let the deck choose. Set this one in the center, face up. It represents the querent, and describes their personality.

2: This is the Crossing card. This  lies on top of the first card so they form a cross. It symbolizes any obstacles that exist for the querent.

3: This card is the Crowning card. It is positioned above the first card. It symbolizes the best the  querent hopes to achieve.

4: This is the Base. It is placed below the first card. This card symbolizes the resources, both physical, and spiritual, that the  querent has to work with.

5: This  shows the past, as it relates to the present. It is positioned to the right of the first card.

6: This  shows the present, as it relates to the future. It is placed to the left of the first card.

At this time you should have 2 cards in the center, and one card at each of the 4 compass points.

7: This is the querent, it describes their personality and should be read in conjunction with the first card. It is positioned off to the right of the first six cards.

8: This one represents the querent’s environment, the people and influences in her life. It is placed above the 7th card.

9: This one is the querent’s hopes, desires or/and fears. It is placed above the 8th card.

10: This one represents the far future. It is placed above the 9th card, and ends the spread.

When interpreting the spread, remember the cards relate to one another. You should see several  in the spread with similar meanings.

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