Celestial Tarot Review

Celestial Tarot Review

Celestial Tarot by US Games

This is no deck for a beginner. It is not even a good deck for someone who has no inkling of astrological correspondences.

Now that we have that out of the way, let me just say that I personally like this deck a great deal. I have studied astrology for about as long as I have Tarot (20 + years). This deck combines astrology, astronomy, mythology and tarot. Not an easy task and the artist and creator do fall short of a home run.

This deck focuses on Southern Hemisphere constellations which baffled me until I realized that they are from the Southern Hemisphere. Light goes on! The LWB (Little White Book) that comes with this deck does a good job of explaining what the constellations are.

For the most part I could grasp why they chose this planet or that sign for each card. And no confusion here, you know exactly what each suit is supposed to be since the Princess (Page in most decks) card in the deck is the correlating season. Some will not like the choices:



Swords = Winter = Air
Wands = Summer = Fire
Cups = Autumn = Water
Pentacles = Spring = Earth

This is out of order to me, but I can see why they did it in terms of the growth aspect of Spring and Pentacles and the cold thought of Swords and Winter.

The card stock is thin and flexible. I fear the sturdiness of it however. Colorwise, this deck leaves a great deal to be desired. Most of the colors blend into one another and there is an overwhelming amount of blue. Personally, I wouldn’t use this deck in a poorly-lit situation.

I did a few readings with the deck and found it to throw well. My own readings obtained more depth because of the astrology side of this deck.

So, if you are already a student of one or the other, and want to learn more about its companion, do get this deck. If you are a beginner student at either, leave this deck for a later purchase. I think that I will use it to read for some of my clients just to see what their take on it is.

A side note the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana are beautiful.

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