Birth charts - Computerized vs Hand Casting

Birth charts – Computerized vs Hand Casting

One question that always comes up astrology is whether or not you should trust a computer program to get your natal chart right, or get someone to hand make one or make one by yourself. If you’re new to the world of astrology then casting one for yourself is more than an overwhelming experience. For this you should trust either the computer programs or a skilled astrologist to come up with one for you.

But the question that we have is for people that are experts in the astrology field. That question is do you trust the use of computer programs for the natal charts of your clients, or do you like to take the time and handcraft their natal chart for them?

Should the people that are looking to get the readings done be looking for an astrologist that chooses to make it by hand over a computer program doing it for them?

Let us know what your choice of chart is below

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Benefits of getting your astrology chart done

  • Liz says:

    Because I do so many charts, hand-casting is really out of the question because of time demands. Accuracy is also a concern. There is a local astrologer who hand-casts charts; sometimes clients bring her charts to my readings, I find tons & tons of errors. As a result, I have to correct mis-impressions the client has from faulty readings from an erroneous chart.

    I do, however, check an ephemeris when I do a chart to double-check that planets are in the right place, and also to check if any planets were stationing retro or direct, and to look up pre-natal and post-natal eclipses.

    Although I don’t do the math by hand, I do hand-cast charts in the sense that I draw them out by hand. They make beautiful gifts (I mat and frame for babies) and can be used as power-items by the person whose chart is represented.

    For instance, if a client is meditating on their chart (whether they can actually “read” it or not) as a mandala while they shuffle tarot cards or draw runes, the reading becomes more accurate and focused. Using a hand-cast chart for a meditation mandala seems to be even more powerful than a computer-generated chart. It seems to reinforce that the tarot reading is for life-path guidance. As an artist once related to me, in a hand-drawn chart the lines and symbols are “alive.”

    Once I found specially-designed chart forms with beautiful art on them printed on parchment for hand-drawn charts – these are a real treat for friends & clients. Not sure who publishes these, but if anyone knows of a source, I’d appreciate as I’m running out of them.

    Perhaps others have found this to be true? I’d like to hear any stories about alternate uses of hand-drawn charts, if anyone has one.

  • Astrologer for one says:

    Doing chart by hand.

    I remember before computers a new client would call you for an appointment and give you a birth time. You would spend an hour or so doing all the chart work that you needed for the reading. The client walks through the door and inform you that their mother gave them the wrong birth time. The birth certificate says a different time. You would have to send them home because in one hour you have another appointment with another client. The computers that’s not a problem in less than a minute you can calculate everything you need. I never studied the clients chart before they sit in my office. When I first started this business over 30 years ago I would spend hours studying my clients chart. I would fill my head up with things that I needed to cover, things like talk about this, I can’t forget to say that. After a year of that I found out that it was interfering with my ability to read a chart openly. Plus when you do a client an hour there is no way that you can spent hours studying the chart.

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