Being Psychic : Views from a Catholic psychic reader

Being Psychic : Views from a Catholic psychic reader

Being Psychic : Views from a Catholic psychic reader

My life didn’t change all that much after I became a psychic reader. However, I was able to add to my life in such a way that allowed me to use my spiritual gifts to help others that were in need of hearing a prophetic word. I have always worshiped and prayed to God since I was a little boy. Life always taught me to pray and to allow God to give you what he wants to give to you at different times in your life. I also learned that it’s ok to ask God to come into your life and give you what you truly need. We all need to know that God is listening to us and we all need to understand that God is happy with the life in which we are leading.

I also believe that God puts spiritual workers into our life in order to help us along the journey. There are all sorts of spiritual workers to include: psychics, lecturers, teachers, counselors and others that God uses to minister to our daily needs. I realized at different times that my spirit was able to give prophetic words to those that needed to hear them for whatever reason. When I was a small boy, I used to go up to people in my church and tell them what I felt the Lord was putting on my heart for them. I didn’t know then that my words were very psychic and that one day God would ask me to do this for a living. I think that it’s amazing that God builds us into what we will one day become one step at a time.

My life has always consisted of at least an hour a day or prayer and singing praises to God. This has always been a daily part of my routine and I enjoy this because it allows me to feel connected to God as well as having the ability to understand spiritual matters much better. I usually look at my life and ask God what he wants to do with it. Sometimes I hear God’s voice stronger than other days. It’s because God wants me to sometimes focus on Him more, rather than on other people or things. When God does this to you, then its best to just sit back and listen to him.

The part of me that did change after becoming a psychic was the fact that I had to do focused readings for people that wanted to hear a prophetic word. When you are in the regular world working a 9-5 job, then your sensitivity to spirit is often diminished. You have the rut of everyday life that often makes you feel bombarded. I actually use to hear less from the spirit when I worked because my eyes were more focused on my job and less focused on my ministry. As a full time psychic, I am now able to focus most of my life on God, prayer and my clients. It gives me the ability to channel into the spirit more quickly and actively.

The beauty of a psychic reading is that you don’t ever have to meet the person in whom you are reading for. It’s simply a mater of you channeling your energies into another person’s world. When you allow the spirit to take over, you are actually allowing yourself to become someone completely different. God governs our life in very unique ways and often we will not understand why we are given certain tasks in our life. The important thing to try and remember is that we have a voice in heaven that allows us to speak to God when we least expect. Psychic readings are also great because there is always a hidden message in them. God is always trying to speak to us through: prayer, music, spiritual speakers, counselors, healers, one another and of course psychics.

Your life as a psychic should be the life that you are already living. You should not have to change drastically to become or be a psychic. The only thing that changes in the life of a psychic is their actual work and what they do for a living. If you have the calling to be a psychic, then make prayer a part of your everyday life and allow God to use you in the way in which He wants to. Remember that God is always in charge.


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