Behind The Scenes of an Astrology Reading

Behind The Scenes of an Astrology Reading

Have you ever been to visit a real, live astrologer? Maybe you’ve thought about it, but you don’t quite know what to expect. As a Sag rising who has charged boldly into more than one astrologer’s office, let me tell you, it’s an hour or two out of your life that you will long remember.

Of course, your greatest fear is probably what your astrologer will say about your future. Will she foresee good times or bad times ahead? With any luck, your first moments of consultation will not be quite as dramatic as mine were. My astrologer took one glance at my chart and proclaimed, “You poor dear!”

Despite this inauspicious beginning, the rest of the session went rather well. I confess, I had not known what to expect when I first stepped through the door. I had only discovered astrology myself about a year previously and since that time had spent hours pouring over books, trying to decipher the meaning of my chart.

But there were too many things that were still a mystery to me, and I itched to know what an expert would say. Well, part of me itched . . . the other part was just the tiniest bit nervous. What if something awful was lurking beneath all those little symbols I was still striving to understand?

After commiserating with me over the awful features of my chart (a Leo stellium squared by planets in Scorpio) my astrologer sat me down, turned on a tape and proceeded to talk almost nonstop for well over an hour. Once in a while I caught her pausing for breath and managed to insert a question, but most of the time she was busy teaching me about myself, describing what my chart meant, detailing the transits I could expect for the next few months, and then whipping out a series of lunar returns for a month-by-month, blow-by-blow account of my life to come.

Frankly, I sat there amazed as we covered the gamut of human experience, from my past lives to my future. I was lucky because my astrologer didn’t dwell on my problems in the present day. For each one she was automatically looking ahead, seeing the transits that would offer me an opportunity to grow and change. She saw the chart as unfolding over time, and I was pleased to discover that like the lady in the commercial, I wasn’t getting older, I was getting better.

True confession: It was a wonderful experience. How often do you get to sit down with someone devoted to discussing in-depth one of the most interesting topics you can think of — you. And how often can you discuss you with someone who has not raised the topic because they secretly want to point out a few faults. No, that is the wonderful thing about astrology. It is that rare chance to sit back and take an objective, nonjudgmental look at yourself.


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