Astral Projection – Everything you need to know

Astral traveling is a unique experience that is not tied down by anyone or anything. Each time a person astral travels, he would learn different things about the world. He might simply choose to explore unknown parts of the world or observe things that are happening on a higher dimension. It is there so people can learn and know that there are things beyond our normal everyday life. However, not everyone can astral travel without proper astral travel instructions.

What Is Astral Travel?

It  is the term used by people to describe out-of-body experiences or a state of altered consciousness wherein the physical body is left by the astral body to travel to other areas. So is astral travel real? According to experts, the astral body is connected to the physical body by a silver cord, which serves somewhat like an umbilical cord to link the two together. This does not have physical limitations, so there is no possibility of the cord breaking even if you travel to other parts of the world. However, some people do believe that it is possible for the cord to break, which will then prevent your astral body returning to its physical body.

The experience of astral travel differs depending on the account. For some people, they report that the feeling is similar to seeing things from a vantage point, such them floating or flying in the sky and looking down on the world. Others claim that they are right in the thick of things, but without physical bodies.

According to experts, It can either be a conscious or unconscious decision. While there are those who make deliberate attempts to separate their astral bodies from their physical bodies, others do so unintentionally, usually during sleep. Lucid dreaming is said to be a form of projection, with these experiences going beyond mere dreams, as these actually really happened, with the astral body experiencing these things in lieu of the physical body. Near-death experiences are also said to be a form of astral traveling. Today, experts estimate that about 14% of the population have experienced projecting their astral bodies outside of their physical bodies, whether consciously or unconsciously.

Does Astral Travel Actually Work?

Admittedly, mainstream studies continue to dismiss astral travel as a hoax, saying that it is impossible for the astral body if such exists to leave the physical body, since this will defy the laws of physics. Scientists insist that the out-of-body experiences claimed by people are only hallucinations, dreams, or products of their imagination. Nonetheless, controlled tests that have been conducted show that astral travel does exist, with people coming from all sorts of backgrounds claiming that they inadvertently experienced having these out-of-body experiences characteristic of the phenomenon.

How To Astral Travel

If you want to learn how to astral travel, the first thing you will need to do is to quiet your mind, otherwise, you will become so distracted with your thoughts that you wont be able to do this yourself. Meditation for astral travel is definitely something to consider. By the way you can find more detailed instructions at how to astral travel. Do meditation in order to help you achieve peace of mind. Make sure that doubts dont enter your head when you attempt to do this as well. Remember that the ability of projecting yourself from your physical body is already an inherent ability that you possess, and you simply need to recall how to do this, so theres no need for you to be doubtful or fearful that this wont actually happen. Again, doubts will keep you from experiencing this, so keep these at bay.

Starting Your Astral Travel

Once you clear your mind, try to relax your body as well. Take deep slow breaths, while visualizing the stress evaporating from your body. Imagine your body transforming into a body of light, which will then float upward gracefully. As you move up, you can see your physical body right where you left it. Again, do not be afraid when you see this, as this can cause your astral body to be pulled right back into your physical body. Instead, go to the destination of your choice. Experiment with being on the astral plane. When its time to go back, think of your physical body once again, and imagine your astral body slowly entering your physical body.

Make sure that when you attempt to have an out-of-body experience that there are no environmental factors that can prevent you from achieving your goal. An uncomfortable room temperature and feelings of hunger can actually cause your travel attempt to fail, so make sure that you are comfortable when you try to do this.

What can you do once you do Astral Travel?

There are actually no limitations to the things you can do and the places that you can visit when you project your astral body out of your physical body. For example, you can visit other parts of the globe, even areas that you have never reached with your physical body. You can even visit and converse with long-deceased relatives or friends if you so wish. The important thing is to set a destination or a goal before you actually leave your body, or your attempt to travel wont be as successful.

Can Anyone Learn How To Astral Travel?

Anyone and everyone can learn how to astral travel, although some will pick up on the right techniques quicker than others. One person can pick up how to project himself or herself out of his or her physical body within a fortnight, while another individual will need years before he or she succeeds in sending his or her consciousness outside of his or her physical body consciously. The important thing to do is to have a positive mindset and continue to believe that you can do this, because doubt will automatically restrict you from doing this effectively. While it can take time, rest assured that it will happen, as long as you be patient with yourself.

Once you pick up on the basics of astral travel, the important thing to do is to continue to practice it, not because you will end up forgetting how to do it again, but because practice will make you gain better control over your astral body, allowing you to experience and do more things on the astral plane.

Astral Travel Instructions – What You Need To Know

If you are one of them, you might be looking for astral travel instructions that will guide you through the whole process. Before you can follow any of that, you need to first know your own views about astral traveling. When you dive into things like this with a negative perspective, the path of astral traveling will never open up to you. It requires you to have at least an optimistic view about it. Any negative thoughts will only hinder your progress. Even a person that is doing this for fun has a better chance of going  traveling than a person who is doing it just to prove it can’t be done.

All astral travel instructions will tell you that in order to get an astral projection, you must be able to relax both mind and body. Astral travel is an out of body experience that requires a calm mind. The way to start your experience is to put your body in a resting state while letting your mind stay awake and trying to get out of the physical world. If you are constantly thinking about your stress from work or how frustrating meditation is, these thoughts will fog up the mind, preventing your astral projection from coming out. You are wasting energy thinking about unrelated things when this energy can be used for getting your astral being out.

When you are able to relax and keep your mind clear, next you have to find an astral traveling projection method that you’re comfortable with and stick with it. There are a few methods you can use to help you get started on astral traveling. The rope method, lucid jump method and the water thirst methods are just examples of meditation you can do and each of them are different. You need to pick one method that you think suits you the best and stick to it.

Let’s continue with our astral travel instructions: Focusing on one method is actually easier because you will get used to it and it becomes easier and easier. Your thoughts will slowly begin to effortlessly get focused on trying to get your astral body out. The more that you practice the same meditation method, the faster you will be able to reach the mental state required for astral travel.

Astral Travel Instructions – It Travel Is Not Easy!

It is not something easy to do. But if you talk to those who have managed to do it before, you’ll see that there is a common link between all of them – they chose one method and stuck with it from the beginning

Is Astral travel real?

When you hear “astral travel”, you would probably start thinking of fantasy movies where a person would meditate and suddenly be projected halfway across the world. The protagonist is able to consult his master, spy on the enemy and find the missing treasure. To everyone else, it sounds like an over elaborated scenario that can never happen in the real world. However, there are a lot of books and documentaries released regarding the topic. This somewhat brings you to this question, is astral travel real or you should just lump it together with aliens, ghost and the loch ness monster?

First of all, there is no definitive proof that astral travel is real and that people are actually experiencing this phenomenon. The main sources of information are the words that come from the mouth of those who have claimed to have experienced it. There is no other proof other than that. When you listen to them reenacting their out of body experience, you can see it in their eyes and words that they truly believe what they’re saying. And it happened to random people all over the world and there have been reports about out of body experience since the early 1900s.

So Is Astral Travel Real?

Scientists have wondered how real it is and have attempted to find scientific answers to what soul travel really is. Unfortunately, all the experience  happens outside the human body. Scientists have tried to make experienced astral travelers to guess what is inside a locked room but none of them have managed to proof that they were indeed able to go beyond the room using their astral projection. They have also recorded the brain activity of an astral traveler but they can’t find anything conclusive other than the fact that their brain is resting. So in the end, there is no solid scientific proof to show for astral travel.

This is slowly begin to sink into the pool of unconfirmed myths but there is one thing that made a big difference between making astral travel a myth and a plausible truth. Everyone and anyone can reach the state of soul travel as long as they have been trained for it. This has lead people to experiment with it and came back with mixed results. There are people who have been trying it for months but have never gotten any results while others have managed to do it only after a few tries. One thing for sure is that they cannot perform soul travel  constantly and may not even experience it again.

Is it Real? Yes, It Is!

So now the answer for is astral travel real is kind of a limbo. There are plenty of failed scientific experiments that proved soul travel is not real but yet there are many live accounts from people telling you that it is real. However, if you accept that there are plenty of unexplained things and phenomenon in this world then soul travel can just be one of them. There is no reason to fully throw if off as fake before you try to have an out of body experience yourself. There is no risk or money involved in making a successful astral travel. All you need is some time and dedication to give it a go.


Is Astral Travel Safe?

Probably one of the most frequently asked question about astral traveling is this  – is astral travel dangerous or not. Astral traveling is a situation where your spiritual self moves out of your physical body and possibly enters another different dimension. You might be afraid that your astral projection will get lost and never be able to return. That is probably the same as dying or being in a comatose state. Many will warn you against astral traveling for that reason, but the truth is this – astral traveling is safe.

When you are astral traveling, your mind leaves your physical body behind but there is a permanent link between your astral body and the physical body. If it was disconnected then you wouldn’t remember the experience you had when astral traveling and that goes against the whole purpose of it.  Especially beginners hsould have a look at out article on how to astral travel for beginners and also read our astral travel instructions.

So Is Astral Travel Dangerous?

Your mind also has some safety “nets” that prevents you from drifting away too far into the astral world. Whenever you feel a surge of emotion like happiness or fear, you will automatically get pulled back into your physical body. It is the same as you waking up instantly after having a bad nightmare.

Another reason why people ask is astral travel dangerous is because of the things they see in the astral world. When you go into the astral world, you are being guided by a spirit. This spirit that guides you and other spirits that you might meet in your astral projection are actually a reflection of yourself and the world. If you are doing astral traveling for the sake of learning, then the spirits will show you the secrets within the universe. However, if you intended to go into the astral world with malicious intent then you might meet bad spirits. As long as you go into the astral world with good intentions, no harm will come to you.

 Is astral travel dangerous depending on where you attempt to perform it?

Astral travel requires you to be able to relax and let your mind take over the body. There is no way you can do this unless you are in a room where you feel secure, like your own bedroom, so as you perform astral traveling, your body will be resting in the safety of your own room so no harm will come to it as you astral travel. That means if you’re in a place where you feel or sense any sort of threat or fear, you won’t be able to perform astral traveling.

You need to remember that astral traveling is a spiritual and educational experience. People do it so they can learn about things that are not shown in textbook or videos. This has been done since the olden times and it is still being practiced until today. You have yet to see a regular astral traveler prohibiting newcomers from learning it because of any potential danger in it. They actually encourage people to try it as they know about the benefit and safety of astral traveling. As long as you follow the proper steps, be free of any malicious intent and control your mind properly, no harm will ever come to you as you perform astral traveling.

Are you Prepared to do Astral Travel?

You might have read through several yoga or meditation books where they talk about achieving an extremely relaxed state mind, allowing it to leave your physical body. It is the highest state of mind any meditation can reach and people often meditate for years just to get a feel of an out of body experience. You might start asking yourself how can I astral travel and is it possible to do it on my own. The answer to that is yes but there are certain steps you need to know and take before you can do astral travel.

You Need A Goal Why You Want To Astral Travel!

Secondly, you need to have a specific goal for wanting to do astral travel. Most people just ask about how can I astral travel and not answering why do I want to do it. Astral traveling is all about learning, experiencing and finding. Everything happens for a reason and each incident teaches you something. It helps you to grow as a person and out of body experience  is a state of enlightenment that gives you just that. Inside your mind, there is a conscience that knows about the true nature of the world. You lost touch with that conscience as you grow up but astral traveling helps you to get in touch with it again.

Sometimes it is not all about learning. There are people do who astral traveling to find their cause of illness and to heal themselves. Others might want to try to search for their loved ones.  You might not know what the cause of the disease is or where to find your loved ones but your astral projection might be able to help you. To them, it is a method they desperately want to try.

The main reason why everyone stopped asking about how can I soul travel is because they are scared of it. Astral traveling does sound like you are leaving your physical body and entering a different world all together. You might have seen movies where the protagonist gets lost in the spirit world and is unable to get back to his body.

This will never happen when you perform astral traveling. Whenever you have a sudden surge of emotions like over excitement or extreme fear, you will automatically wake up in your own body again. It is the mind’s safety blanket to return you to your body whenever you feel a lot of emotions, even if the emotions are positive. So people train themselves to stay calm during astral traveling because they know they will always find their way back to the real world.

Is Meditation important for astral traveling?

Astral travel is all about leaving your human body behind and experiencing new things and from a different perspective. You maybe be in a different part of the world looking for a loved one or flying through the air to see the invisible colors of the world.

How To do it:  It is not something that can be easily done. You might get lucky and have had a brief moment of astral travel but if you want to have a proper experience, there is no better way than to do meditation for astral travel.

It Is Important

Meditation plays an important role in astral travel because you are trying to experience something that is quite rare. It is different from sleeping where you know it is just a dream and you are lying down on your own bed. Astral traveling is being able to see yourself lying on the bed and know that what you are experience is real and in a different dimension. A normal mind could not reach that state because there are so many unnecessary things bogging it down.

Meditation For Astral Travel Will Help To Relax

Meditation will help to control your mind so it clears it of all unnecessary thoughts. You are only focused on having an out of body experience and nothing else matters. It’s not something that can be picked up in a few hours – it can take weeks of meditating before you even begin it scratch the surface of astral traveling.

You don’t have to sit in a crossed leg position and hum. Some people prefer lying down and listen to meditation beats. It is all about getting relaxed in both body and mind.

Meditation for astral travel also has the role of prolonging your out of body experience. You are still connected to your physical body and especially your mind even when you are astral traveling. If you were to get too excited or too afraid, your mind will automatically pull you back to your physical body. Meditation will help you keep your mind and body relaxed even when facing things which would normally make you afraid, and that will help prolong your astral travel experience.

When you do meditation for astral travel, you are preparing yourself for what it is to come. You would have imagined yourself floating out of your body so many times that when the time comes, you won’t be in a state of shock. You know exactly what you want to do and where you want to go.

If you are worried about meditation being too hard or you are not sure how to do it, you can find free information on how do to them on the Internet. There are plenty of do-it-yourself techniques that you have to follow on a daily basis. There are also websites that sells meditation aids like videos and audios to aid you in your meditation. All you need is time and dedication. While it may take some time before you will be able to successfully astral travel, it will be well worth it.

Getting Started On Your Astral Traveling

Astral Travel For Beginners –People have different reasons for why they want astral travel. Some feel that they have a need to get closer to God by experiencing the world in a different state. Others are seeking answers that no one can give except for themselves. And there are those who are just curious and are trying to see if they can do it themselves – but ultimately there are things they want to find out as well.


Having the right preparation is always the first step. Just like how you need to prepare food before cooking or pack your bags before leaving on a vacation, there are things you need to do first before you can astral travel. You can also have a look at our basic astral travel instructions.

Find a time where you are the least distracted and in the most relaxed state. Some people prefer to do it at night before they sleep while others find the best time is during the early morning. Decide on the time you want to start and follow it through.

Relaxing and Releasing

After you find the right time to do astral projection, next you need to reach a relaxed state of mind and body. This is usually the hardest step.

You cannot do astral travel when your mind is bogged down by information and things from the world around you. You need meditation to free your mind from information that can tie you down. This doesn’t mean shutting off your mind completely as that just means you are falling into a state of deep sleep. You must have an empty but alert mind so you know when to take control and attempt to leave your body.

Separating Yourself

You know you are ready to astral travel when you start to feel a bit light. Your body is resting on your bed but it feels like you can just fly out at any moment. That is the time when you should try to astral travel as the confinements of your body weakens.

Imagine yourself trying to pull out of the bed or jump up to the ceiling above and do it. Sometimes you might try too hard and end up waking up. You shouldn’t be discouraged by this. Try to go back to sleep and attempt to leave your body again.


When you’ve successfully pulled yourself out of your body, it is easy to feel excitement that you’ve done it successfully and then start to fear this new experience. Things may not look the same – like your bedroom might have different colors or the moon is glowing red instead. It is easy to be afraid of this new environment and this fear will instantly pull you back in. It is just like waking up from a nightmare but in this situation, you don’t want to wake up yet. A good tip on how to astral travel for beginners is to actually stay inside your room first. Get used to being able to do astral traveling before you move on to going outside of your room to experience a whole new world.

Astral Travel Techniques You Can Try

Performing astral travel is not like trying to fall asleep. You can fall asleep with pills, having someone knock you out and just being bored while lying on the bed. As for astral traveling, you need to reach a state where your body is sleeping but your mind is awake and alert. Then you need to transfer your consciousness into an astral container. Only then you will be able to move around your room, even visit other places on Earth or even take a peek of a different dimension. Here are a few astral travel techniques you can try out for yourself.

 The Rope Technique

 One of the four astral travel techniques I want to talk about first is  is the rope technique. You need to imagine there is a stationary rope on top of you. Then you imagine your hands reaching out to the rope, grab it and start pullingyourself up. Keep pulling up the rope until you feel a sense of vibration all over your body. That is a sign that you’re astral projection is about to come out. You just have to keep imagining yourself pulling the rope and feel the sense of flying growing steadily. After you’ve managed to free yourself, simply release the rope and look down to see yourself lying on the bed.

 Watching Yourself Fall Asleep Technique

Now to the second techniques  I want to talk about,  is watching yourself fall asleep. When you are feeling tired, go to your bed and lie down first. Clear your head of any thoughts and let the mind rest. As you start to fall asleep, keep telling yourself in your mind that you want to watch yourself fall asleep. Don’t stop thinking about it and focus on your intent as long as possible. Slowly your body will feel numb and this is a transition stage into astral traveling. Now you should feel some vibrations and this is a sign that you should attempt to move out of your body.

Lucid Dream Transition

The next astral travel technique is to have a lucid dream transition. Lucid dream is when you are aware that you are dreaming and you are in full command of your dream. Note that lucid dreaming is not the same as astral traveling because you are looking at stories in your head instead of having an out of body experience. When you are having a lucid dream, think that you are having a dream and you are not in your body. The dream should transition to your bedroom and you get to see yourself sleeping on the bed.

Muldoon’s Thirst Technique

The last method is the Muldoon’s thirst technique. First you need try not to drink any glass of water through the whole day. The goal is to use your thirst as a driving emotion to get into an out of body experience. Look at the glass of water and image yourself drinking it. Repeat that for a few hours. Then before you go to sleep, put a glass of water a few feet far away from you and eat a pinch of salt. You should be feeling really thirsty now. Then as you lie in bed, keep imagining yourself walking over to the glass of water and drinking it. By any luck, you will actually astral travel to drink the glass of water.


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