Angel Tarot Review

Angel Tarot Review

Tarot de los Angeles or Angel Tarot by Fournier

The first thing I noticed was how thick the cellophane was that sealed this deck It was at least three times as thick as most; so, a collector could sit on this one for a good long time and not worry! Instead of the usual one card image on the front of the box there is a half of two different cards. The basic box color is lavender-blue and it is well made of cardboard. Inside the box is light blue with the manufacturer’s name.

The card backs are royal blue and have a double “X” type of design made of wings which are white and is repeated in offset fashion. The backs are reversible. This deck is an average size at approximately four and a quarter inches tall and about two and a quarter inches wide. Cards have a nice smooth standard finish. There are 78 cards, and there ends any resemblance to what I would call a tarot deck.

All of the cards except the two “Gnome” cards and the “Paradise” card have a picture of a winged personage as the central object. Three types of wings are seen: bird, butterfly, and bat. Even the negative angels have a pair of wings.

All of this angels stuff makes no sense to me, but someone with a knowledge of angels (and all that implies) could possibly learn to read with this deck. Anyone that already reads would have a difficult time in my opinion. The cards are not numbered on the face and there are no suits like a tarot deck. There are titles top and bottom in Italian. I do not see any obvious way to sort any major cards from minor.

The little white book says each color was carefully chosen, but never gives any meaning to attach to colors. There is a meaning for each card given, but it does not correspond to tarot cards.

On the up-side; this may be a deck useable for meditation. The colors are bright and well combined. Many of the cards are reminiscent of comic book heros. The two Gnomes are unexpected and refreshing. I call this a “collectors” deck and am glad to be one of the first to view and own one of our newest imports.

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