Angel Card Readings - What Are They? And Who Is Speaking To Me?

Angel Card Readings – What Are They? And Who Is Speaking To Me?

One thing that garners a lot of interest when it comes to Tarot readings, is  being able to communicate with the Angels. Many spiritual people want to be able to reach out and communicate with the Angels and their personal guides so that they can work closely together with them to get on the right path of life.

One way to be able to do this in a tarot reading sense is by using what are called angel cards. These specialized cards were created by Doreen virtue initially but others have come out on the scene. The cards themselves can be purchased online, as well as at specialty shops, and bookshops. The thing that makes these cards different than the typical tarot cards is that they traditionally contain inspirational phrases and positive messages.

If you’re not relying on a reader that is specialized in these types of readings it is best that you take the time and read the guide that comes with the cards so that you can let the information sink in and have a personal insight into the interpretation of the cards. Take the time to not only read the guide but also look at the pictures and familiarize yourself. Many people also believe you should take the time to acknowledge the presence of the angels, and asked him for help in any of understand and interpret the cards. Another thing that is suggested is that you should say a prayer to bless the cards.

The next step which is also very important is determining which exact spread are you going to be using within the tarot reading itself. As with most decks there are many different types of spreads you can do, and with angel card readings it is no different. Two of the most popular spreads for this particular deck are the card of the day and the three card draw. Once you’ve made the decision as to which spread you’re going to use now you can begin with the reading, or in the case of a reader doing it for you and they will pick the spread that they believe is pertinent to your particular situation.

How An Angel card reading works (based on someone that is intuitive doing the reading for you)

Step one: the reader will start to shuffle the angel card deck while they concentrate on you, your energy, and the question or situation at hand.
Step two: depending on what tarot spread was picked by the reader the cards will be laid out in that fashion. In the case of one card this could be your angels having a particular message for the question that you have asked. If by chance one of the cards falls out of the deck and is not directly dealt out as part of the spread this is a card that the Angels had deemed an important message that the reader must deliver to you.

Step three: the reader will convey to you the meaning of what the card is telling you, but also themselves being intuitive they will also add their own insight into what the card and the Angels are saying.

Step four: if there’s anything that you need clarifying by the reader ask them to explain it better to you. Or even take the time to toss around possible ideas that you may have, that the reading itself has invoked in you.

Here is Doreen Virtue doing an example of an Angel Reading

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How to Use Your Angel Card Message

What you’ll end up getting pretty much is a positive and inspirational message. The best thing to do is try and think of the spiritual meaning of what they’re telling you so that you can make a change in direction if need be or make a decision that is best suited for you in this situation you’re faced with. If at first the message that they send you doesn’t make sense or it has confused you, give it time to manifest an sink in because the Angels themselves know what is coming in the future for you.

Who is giving me the answers?

An angel reading is an opportunity for the Angels to provide you with their perspective on your life. The Angels know you and they understand you. They see the challenges you face in your life, the difficulties you encounter, and they also know many ways to help you improve your life. They hold so many solutions which will enable you to create the life that you really want.

So in an angel reading what will happen the reader will tune into you and your energy,  then they will connect to the angelic realm, and they will convey to the reader information in which your angels wish you to hear and comprehend. Much of the information that is available in the first part of a reading is validation and or confirmation that the Angels understand you. That they know you and appreciate where you are and where you’re coming from. Once you receive the confirmation that the Angels understand you, and you see this validation it will enable you to relax and hear the angelic solutions that they provide you.

In an angel reading you’ll receive lots of lots of information that they give you. Much of this information that they give to you is very practical and easy for you to implement in your life. To help you receive the results that you want from the situation you’re in. They will provide you with their perspective and their guidance. They will help with the answers to your problems and solutions, taking action, and ways of approaching life. Which will enable you to have the ability to experience those things you really want, rather than being stuck in the situation you are. The Angels themselves are vastly intelligent and able to help you see all of the surrounding elements of your life in a completely different way. The Angels will offer their support in regards to the action that they suggest you take to rectify your situation. They will help you to take the steps near life that are necessary to help you obtain what you truly want.

Areas of your life the Angels can help you in

  • they can help you improve your relationships
  • they can help to improve your finances
  • they can help you to improve your career
  • they can help you to establish a better fulfillment in your life
  • they can help you conquer fears that may be holding you back in your life
  • they can help you to increase the level of happiness that you feel in your present life
  • they can help you create a happier life