Ace of Cups Tarot Card Meanings

Ace of Cups Tarot Card Meanings



Birth, new love  emotional new hope
intuitive, creative – intimacy, love
spiritual fulfillment – happiness


A New attitude brings connection. The call is to apply a new attitude to life. It is the birth of a time when new feelings, new emotions, new values and attitudes are needed. The time may have to do with physical well-being, fulfilling  relationships, but most often the time is related to the soul or spirit connection one has.  Call your soul home.  It is the new attitude in tune with  the laws of the universe and will bring him peace and serenity.

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  • Carlee says:

    The suit of Cups is traditionally associated with emotions, especially feelings of love and abundance. The Ace of Cups therefore represents these feelings in their purest form, just as the Ace of Swords represents the high point of reason.

    In many early tarot decks, this card showed the image of the Holy Grail. Many divinatory decks adopted this image, and adapted it to suit their purposes.

    Take the card up at the top. In it, a dove––traditional symbol of the Holy Spirit––drops the host into a cup, held up by a hand over water. This cup, with an upside-down ‘M,’ represents the body of Mary as the vessel for the body of Christ. The five streams of water, flowing from the cup, represent the five wounds of Christ on the cross

    The Aces in the tarot suggest new beginnings. This card, especially, suggests the birth of a new love. It also suggests fruitfulness, productivity and “the purest aspect of emotional energy,” as Juliet Sharman-Burke describes it.

  • ezmeralda w says:

    The Cups suit (also known as Cauldrons, Coupes, Hearts, etc.) is commonly associated with emotion and intuition, the element of water, and the astrological signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

    Like all of the Aces in Waite’s deck, the Ace of Cups features an outstretched hand, a symbol of temporal and spiritual power. The words hand and power are the same in Hebrew. The image on this card makes it clear that this is a right (masculine, positive) hand, rather than a left (feminine, negative). The Cup itself, however, is a symbol of receptive, feminine energy.

    As on the Ace of Wands, the hand on the Ace of Cups emerges from a cloud. Clouds can represent the world of appearances. They can also represent the presence of God and fertility. Using this latter symbolism, the hand can be seen as coming out of or from a higher power.

    Other symbols include:

    water lilies: Eternal life (Aviza refers to these as “lotus blossoms” and says that they represent the awakening of the human spirit)

    dove: peace, love, Holy Spirit, purity, tenderness, hope; sign of the spirit descending to the material world

    cross-marked Host: wafer; Christian symbol of the body of Christ

    streams of water pouring from the cup: the abundance and power of the spirit; effect of spiritual energy on our five senses [NOTE: Waite writes “four streams are pouring” but the picture on the card clearly shows five.]

    * In Christian religious communities, gray symbolizes renunciation. In Hebrew tradition, it is linked with the wisdom of age. As a blend of black and white, it can also be seen as a balancing of opposites. I find myself wondering if the intended color is silver (moon, passive lunar energy, intuition) rather than gray?

    Waite provides the following DMs: House of the true heart, joy, content, abode, nourishment, abundance, fertility; Holy Table, felicity hereof. REVERSED: House of the false heart, mutation, instability, revolution. Under Additional Meanings, he lists “inflexible will, unalterable law” as upright meanings, and “unexpected change of position” as a reversed meaning.

    The symbolism in this card clearly reflects spiritual energy as well as emotion and intuition. Aviza describes the Ace of Cups as representing “newness, rebirth of the spirit, and an awakening of awareness, emotion, and spiritual energy.” It can be seen as a picture of the Holy Grail, said to contain the physical presence of the Holy Ghost at work in the world.

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