5 benefits of getting your Astrology Chart done

5 benefits of getting your Astrology Chart done

Most people consulting an astrologer want to know about their love life, their financial life or their health (or probably all three!) And that is fine. But astrology doesn’t end there. Here are some other possibilities:

Greater insight into yourself: The birth chart reveals your character and your potentials. It shows your strengths and your weaknesses. If you wonder why you are the way you are, astrology will give you an answer. It can reveal your basic nature and give you valuable insight into the purpose of your life and what paths to pursue for greater happiness.

Information on future trends: While I do not believe astrology can predict specific events, it offers great value in showing the cycles of your life. It can pinpoint times in the future when you will be under great stress and times of wonderful opportunity as well. Using the various predictive techniques of astrology, we can what areas of your life will be active and use this information to paint a picture of what the year ahead will be like for you.

Past Lives: This current incarnation is not your first! This lifetime is but one chapter in an ongoing story. The birth chart offers many clear clues to our karma. We can look into it to better understand what our soul has experienced in past lives and how that is likely affecting us today.

Chart comparisons: Let’s face it, relationships are the heart of life. In a chart comparison, The astrologer will compare your birth chart with the birth chart of one other person to see how your dynamics are likely to work together in a relationship. Warning! If you want this done, be sure to clearly specify it at the beginning. To do this, they must not only interpret your chart in depth, but the chart of the other person as well.

Specific questions: This is perhaps the best way to use a reading! By asking questions that are important to you, you will get answers from your chart that have a specific and practical application.

Get A chart done today you will be glad you did!

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