Virgo and Aquarius – Compatibility in Sex, Love and Friendship

Virgo and Aquarius – Compatibility in Sex, Love and Friendship

virgo and aquarius compatibility

Virgo Man and Aquarius Woman

Everybody knows about the Virgo men. These men crave for perfection in everything. Even if they are in a love relationship, they would want to it to be perfect. Talking about the Aquarius women, they love to have fun and are very enthusiastic. They do not want any sort of perfection in their lives as they have fun facing the challenges. Due to these basic differences, it becomes difficult for Aquarius women and Virgo men to balance in a love relationship. The Virgo men are very judgmental about some stuff and if their Aquarius girlfriends would talk to other men and hang out with them, it would obviously turn out to be a cause of doubting in a relationship

Aquarius Man and Virgo Woman

There is a basic difference in the nature of a Virgo woman and an Aquarius man. Aquarius does not like to get restricted by others while Virgo wants someone who can provide her complete security. Due to this difference, there can be conflicts and troubles for both the partners. Physical union can make their relationship safe and sound. In fact, the couple is not a compatible one and it can survive only if both the partners try to understand each other rather than trying to mold the other one according to the desire. If any one of the pair tries to do so, it may put an end to their connection.

5 Pros Dish on Aquarius/ Virgo

Melissa: Innovative Aquarius fascinates Virgo, while Aquarius is impressed with Virgo’s analytical skills. But, the Water Bearer’s tendency towards the far-out is a little much for fastidious Virgo.

Aquarius has a vision for the future; you like to sort out today’s mess. Your joint humanitarian approach could conquer the world.

Jenn: The Aquarius loves chaos. They are so easy going and with your need to be organized and efficient, the two of you are sure to clash. The Aquarius is a dreamer while you are a doer and it is unlikely that you two could find a neutral ground.

Lidia: The problem with this relationship is that you both seem to be on different wavelengths, each believing that you know best. This is not the way forward and it will break you up if you don’t take control early on. Aquarius needs to become more attached to all of the things that are important to Virgo, so that there is plenty of emotional support flowing between you. Virgo on the other hand needs to let go of the little items that don’t matter as much as you may well make out. With time, if Aquarius is not careful, they will push Virgo away, being too focused on other people and their needs or desires and this will not enable your relationship to work more than a few months.

Virgo has to be careful not to smother too quickly and tie down Aquarius as well. Overall this needs a wad of compromise from both of you, but you can make it work well, turning your love affair into something quite solid over time.

Laura: The Virgo and Aquarius couple will likely talk up a good storm for hours upon first meeting. If each can give the other leeway when it comes down to everyday individual living preferences, this union has a chance at finding common ground. However, if Virgo is expecting Aquarius to somehow fit into a neat little box, there will be much disappointment in this relationship. Likewise, if Aquarius thinks that Virgo will happily join in non stop socializing, again that might be a stretch at best. This couple will need to become energized mentally first, then let the rest will fall where it may.

Tracy: A Virgo/Aquarius bond can be an odd match and success depends on how they handle their differences. Ideally they can work to balance their strengths and weaknesses to create a mutually beneficial love match.

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Virgo and Aquarius Friendship

You can both be night owls and enjoy your own company as well as a crowd.

Aquarius and Virgo Relationship

As lovers:

You may find yourselves watching many films together then discussing them afterwards.

Long-term relationship:

You will both analyze almost every aspect of your relationship and talk about it with each other until you are happy with your pairing.

Short-term relationship:

You will live for fun and live for each other while loves magic spark is alight.

Virgo and Aquarius Sex

virgo and aquarius sex

Aquarius Compatibility with Virgo Over all Score:

overall score 30%

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