Planets and Their Meanings In Astrology

Planets and Their Meanings In Astrology

Astrology Planets

The planets form the primary energies in astrology. The astrological planets consist of the nine traditional planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, plus the Sun and Moon. In astrology, the Sun and Moon are considered planets. They are treated this way because their astrological behavior is same as the behavior of a traditional planet. One theory  is that the planets represent the main forces of energy. This energy is modified by the sign it is traveling through at the time. This influence then is manifested in the area of the native’s life represented by the house where the planet and sign are located. Each of the major planets used  are listed below with a description of the energies they represent.

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The Sun
The Moon

Brief summary of the planetary characteristics

The Sun expresses the will to live and in what way. The sun is the spirit who wants to express his will in the matter. As life evolves, a person becomes more and more associated with his solar sign or birth sign. You become who you are meant to be. In Vedic astro (India), the Solar position contains the ego, or the incarnation – impuls, the lesson that has to be learned.
The Moon emotional life, primary emotional reaction, need for security. Also: the variable factor.
Mercury understanding, learning, the intellect, communication, the ability to speak
Venus love, harmony and beauty
Mars acting, desire, decisiveness, conflict
Jupiter optimism, generosity, joy, health, philosophy
Saturn pessimism, depression, sorrow, limitation
Uranus occultism, intuition.
Neptune religion, mysticism, fantasy, both positive and negative. Also: not being able to guard your own limits.
Pluto the unconscious
The ascendant body and physical expression. Your appearance in gesture, clothing and attitude. The ascendant is the body that is inhabited by the (solar) spirit.
Midheaven   the life, your destination.

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