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Hi all,
no I don´t know about what you ask MiamiRon,
but I can talk about a strong experience I had the other day.
I am participating in a forum and this guy started with very insulting posts, and very insisting, during two days. He even went against me in a very vulgar manner (i prefer not to tell what about, as i felt even kind of ashamed) till such a point that he forum was closed by the webmaster. But before that, it created an incredible discussion among the participants, insults and all a big mess. He was writing nasty posts as a guest and then answering them, creating a very tensed situation! A case of double personality!! This person is kind of insane, obsessed and very unpleasant. We were all astonished about how mean someone can be and about the power of evil, finally, able of doing such harm through only one person to so many people.
The forum is opened again, but had to be changed, having to registrate to be able to write and all this and many participants were very disappointed that it wasn´t open to anyone anymore.
So the forum was eclipsed! Strange and weird, kind of Mars/Neptune stuff. It was even scary to feel such a strong and evil energy so near.

Hello, I have used astro.com for many months. Glad to see there is now a forum here!
My question is about this recent eclipse, conjunct exact on my 2nd house cusp. What can this mean for me? I am unemployed at present, and I know this house has to do with income, of which I already have little of at the moment. Besides being on this cusp, this eclipse trines natal Jup/Ur conjunction in my 6th in Cancer, and natal Venus in Scorpio in the 9th. So it does make a grand trine in water, between 2-6-9, but I have heard that eclipses are pretty dramatic events. I don’t see how much more dramatic it would be on empty pockets already…it means I will find work?? How soon? And in what capacity? Or what else could it mean? I haven’t a clue.
Thanks in advance for any input!


interestingly, I felt nothing. My natal Pluto is on 28°36′ in Virgo, but maybe the orb was already too big, even though it’s only about half a degree. Moreover, it was at night and I was sleeping, but I did not even have intense dreams or so which I usually have when my Pluto is touched.

The last lunar eclipse was more interesting for me, it took place right on my natal moon in virgo. That night I went out to see it and stood for half an our out in the cold and watched the moon. I thought to myself, “there where the moon now is, is your own moon too”. That was more moving.Perhaps this eclipse touched me more because I have the same Sun-Moon-Oppos from virgo to pisces in my natal chart, too.

But I am still wondering, why this solar eclipse was so unimportant. Perhaps, because there are so many other things going on as well. Or I am so plutonic that this additional little eclipse doesn’t disturb any more. Hmmm….


Hi, First off I am so grateful for this forum being up. This is one of my fav sites for astrology and now a forum!!

With the lunar and solar eclipse this past month – along with the mercury retrograde – has been turning my life around – as long as I let it!!

I have also Uranus opposing Uranus (now over) and Saturn opposing Saturn coming back at me. On the lunar eclipse it affected my Chiron in the third house also. So I have been finding my voice again – both verbally and writing. Have been asked to write so much (journalism). I also really tuned into the mercury retrograde and did my work and realized how much I need to be writing – and writing for a living.

I don’t believe that anything major happens on the eclipse – it’s actually the work you do to be conscious during the transit and what that produces several months after. I will look back this summer to see the overall affect.

Keeping in mind that this eclipse is connected to 19 years ago and I can certainly see the connection for me.

Happy New Astrological Cycle everyone,
from Canada

In the midst of having serious allergy or cold symptoms, Sunday evening’s 28° Pisces eclipse, in a quincunx to my 28th Leo degree sun, fell in my sixth house of health and routine, signalling a one day intensive of healing and effecting me now with much increased vitality, even though my stuffy nose came back temporarily during the next couple of days! I also herald the healing effects of good old fresh air and sunshine!!

I have relocation related gratitude to AstroDienst, having moved last year after an early retirement, based on having consulted AstroClick Travel as well as Rose Murray’s Moving to Success: The Astrology of Relocation. I moved from Austin to Albuquerque (in the s.w. U.S. of A.) away from an exacerbated Pluto Moon paran to take advantage of a presently enhanced alternative of my Uranus Venus paran. Obviously, the pay-off is subjective, but I do feel more attractive here.

Not only that, but the mountain scenery is fabulous and desert sunshine a health benefit in other ways, too, following more than 41 years in humid central Texas! Also, if you can afford it, I recommend retirement! ::smiling::

Howdy, y’all! I may know some of you, having posted for years in J. Cainer’s AstroChat as ch`i. 1954 August 20th 10:13 a.m. Berkeley, California, U.S.A.

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