Aries and Taurus - Compatibility in Sex, Love and Friendship

Aries and Taurus – Compatibility in Sex, Love and Friendship


aries and taurus compatibility

Taurus Man and Aries Woman 

A Taurus man is a person with a clear and practical attitude and looks for the solid reasons instead of getting involved in emotional and sentimental things. He has brains and his intellect and wisdom make him appealing. Will power and determination are the traits of Taurus man. With an Aries woman, the Taurus man feels being loved and protected. She is always there to face all his problems with him. Aries woman is loved by her and this gives her the inner peace of heart. Both the members of the couple should give each other the love to make them feel that they are being valued.

Aries Man and Taurus Woman

Taurus women are found to be sensible and they will normally take time to plan before reacting to anything. On the other hand, Aries men are quite hasty and will not plan anything. He will react without thinking anything. It is because of this reason they need to work hard on building the understanding between them when in a relationship. The nature of Taurus women is found to be generous as compared to those Aries men who are found to be stingy. The women look forward to work hard in preventing their partners from making quick and impulsive decisions. The Taurus women will work on both the romance and the security when in relationship with Aries men.  


Aries Taurus Compatibility

This is a relationship that requires work, patience and a lot of respect on both sides. Like Aries with Virgo, earth meets fire in this relationship. Specifically, the cardinal fire of Aries meets with the fixed earth sign of Taurus and this can create conflict between the pair over time.

Expert Opinions

Melissa: Slower moving Bull easily bores the Ram, but Taurus can tame Aries sensual needs.

Celia: You like excitement. The Bull’s placid nature will have you tearing your hair out sometimes, but it’s wonderfully reassuring and safe.

Jenn: The two of you compliment each other’s strengths and weaknesses nicely. Your optimism and confidence should help the Taurus see things in a brand new light while the steadiness and determination of the Taurus may just make you want to settle down a little more. When these two optimists meet, the right attitude about the relationship will keep them together.

Lidia: This can be an incredibly close bond, as Taurus men love to spoil and show off to their women, so you should be in for a loving and romantic time! Taurus and Aries are very compatible when it comes to sex and the two of you will have many wild times if you keep telling each other how much in love you are. Taurus has a few insecurities in love and this requires a lot of reassurance.

Jealous and possessiveness will cause issues in your relationship, but you can rise above them by bringing more variety and excitement into your bed. The most difficult obstacle has to be the stubbornness you both suffer from. Aries need to learn not to be so independent and Taurus must wake up and see how smothering their need for security can be. If you try to have frequent discussions about these types of problems, you will be able to get to the bottom of them before they fire up too much.

Laura: Aries will want to be the boss in this relationship and in most cases Taurus will not mind. Taurus is usually easygoing and more concerned with personal pleasures, or acquiring wealth, rather than leading the way. Aries is more than willing to help Taurus spend that hard earned cash. In exchange for sharing the wealth, Aries will make sure that Taurus the bull is never bored.

Tracy: A laid-back and logical Taurus partner may irritate the fun-loving Aries who can feel stifled if not kept busy. This relationship may work if Taurus can calm Aries though it is probable the clash of personalities will lead to fiery arguments.

Other Taurus and Aries Compatibility facts:


An impulsive arian in the company of a more thoughtful bull can be a very good basis for friendship.


As Lovers:

You will have to work at thinking of what the other wants in order for this to be it’s best.

long term relationship:

Provided you know each others boundaries your long term future looks good.

Short-term relationship:

If you both like going to the same events or watching the same type of film you will get off to a great start.

Aries and Taurus Sex

aries and taurus sex

Because one of you likes fast impulsive passion and the other wants slower and more meaningful contact you will both have to compromise. This said, if you get it right it will blow your mind.


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