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Aries- 21st March- 20th April. Typical Traits- Arians have several noticeable characteristics, such as courage, seemingly boundless energy, enthusiasm, initiative and enterprise, and a desire for adventure and travel. This means when faced with a challenge there is a tendency to rush in without heeding the consequences, which can make problems. This impulsiveness is of course one of their lees appealing traits, and it may also be accompanied by selfishness. This manifests itself in the need to accomplish set tasks and reach goals, although they tend to have the beneficial quality of being able to concentrate on the primary aim by removing anything that is unnecessary and of little importance. Competitiveness is never far from the surface of an Arian, no matter what aspect of life is involved.


Taurus_ 21st April- 21st May. Traits- Taureans rely upon stability and security both in an emotional and financial context, but granted this can be extremely reliable, patient and tenacious. Taureans tend to be persistent, methodical, and see things thru to the end, and this can be reflected in their steady progress thru life, including their career. They tend to lack flexibility, which can lead to resistance in change, even when it is for the better. When faced with a challenge they usually cope better than most. Taureans are practical people who dislike waste, and tend to have high standards.


Gemini 22nd May- 21st June. Traits- Liveliness, versatility and intelligence, but these are tempered to some degree by a nervous energy and a certain inconsistency at times. They are logical, ordered and very quick of mind, seeking variety in their lives, both at home and work. Tend to be good communicators, but can over dominate at times. If concentrating they can take in info quickly, but run the risk of knowing a little about a lot rather than grasping the topic in great depth, which isn’t a bad thing at times.


Cancer 22nd June- 22nd July. Traits- The protective nature of a Cancerian is the overriding aspect of the character. Tempered by a stubborn and often moody streak. Although tend to be a worrying type, they have remarkably good intuition, and their instinctive reactions and decisions can usually be relied upon. They can however rapidly adapt to pick info, habits, etc from others. It also means that they can be touchy and like the crab, may be hiding a soft easily hurt person beneath a seemingly hard shell.


Leo 23rd July- 23rd August. Traits- Leos are hard workers, and they enjoy working with other people and having other people working for them. Luxury and glamor appeals to Leo’s and if they achieve this thru occupation the better for them. They may turn to acting, sport or working in the jewellery trade. They will often go for highly paid jobs, which they make good employers, expecting the best of their employees but generous in return.


Virgo 24th August- 22nd September. Traits- Usually shy and modest, hard working, and practical and yet, perhaps rather dull. They have a well-developed tendency to criticize both themselves and others, and often allow this to go too far. Virgo’s can be hard working, sensible, and very good at detailed tasks. Virgos are often essentially a worker. They are not interested in the lead but more in completing a task to their best ability. Virgos can be worriers about nothing, which can be misconstrued or counterproductive. However, their own positive qualities are the best tools to deal with such problems.


Libra 23rd September- 23rd October. Traits- they are true to their origins and try to achieve a balance between differing parties etc. they tend to sit in the middle, which can be seen as their greatest fault. Librans make good diplomats on the other hand and can often settle an argument to everyone’s satisfaction. They are easy going, and like quiet surroundings. Although they appear vulnerable they are in fact tough and will follow their own plans.


Scorpio 24th October- 22nd November. Traits- can show a mix of behavior and character, on the other hand they can be very determined and strong, but on the other being obsessive, awkward and arrogant. They are faithful once committed, but can be melodramatic, and when emotions become involved logic suffers. Usually energetic, wanting most out of life, allow they are perfectly capable of sacrificing others, they do hold on to what is right and will exhibit a string sense of fair play and reason.


Sagittarius 23 November- 21 December. Traits- is essentially gregarious, friendly and enthusiastic, with a desire to achieve all goals they set. They are rarely beset by depression, but their inborn enthusiasm can sometimes take them too far, and they may take risks. Although they are versatile and intelligent, their desire to jump from the task in hand to the next may result in some tasks being unfinished. In excess their good qualities can become a nuisance, leading to tactless, hurtful comments (without the intent to hurt) and jokes that go too far.


Capricorn 22 December 21 January. Traits- there is said to be 2 types of Capricorn, one, which has greater and higher, hopes of life. In general they are patient, practical and can be very shy, preferring to stay in the background but they are strong willed and able to defend themselves. They have a reputation for being mean, ambitious and rather hard people. A mean streak may often be directed at the self, and ambition, if tempered with realism and humor can be positive. Usually the character is enhanced by other elements of the chart to produce a warmer personality.


Aquarius 21 January to 18 February. Traits- renowned for their independence and the fact they like to operate according to their rules. Can lead them to becoming stubborn. But they can be inspiring because they do not easy lose hope. They are friendly, although they may not be totally reliable when things become difficult, and highly creative in terms of ideas. However they may not see ideas thru though. They may be a little perverse or paradoxical, but beneath it all is gregariousness and a real wish to help.


Pisces 19 February 20 March. Traits- quite sensitive but above all is a highly sympathetic and caring person who invariably puts other people 1st. have great intuition and are good at understanding the needs of others. They make very good friends. They can take their idealistic and self-effacing stance too far, resulting in an unwillingness to face decisions, and sometimes they will rely on other, stronger characters to lead for them. They are usually always tactful but should beware that helping others and becoming involved emotionally is not always a good thing.

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