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Spirit Guides – your celestrial guidance

Every person on Earth is born with guides called spirit guides. These beings often come to us the easiest ways possible -things we’ll understand! Animal, Bird, Fish, or even human forms are the common choices. We are never without their protection and testing.

Each guide has a specific task or job they must do. Because guides must learn how to be a guide, some  are merely there to be taught by YOU and your guide so they can see what it’s like guiding people.

There are several types of Spirit Guides:

Lifelong Guides

These  are the helpers that will always be with you.They are usually experienced and have a lot of responsibilities, such as coordinating your tests. They assure that you will be in the ‘right place at the right time’. Often your Lifelong guide is in the form of your favorite animal. This guide never changes.

Teaching Guides

These  do just what the name suggests: they teach you! These are likely to change throughout your life depending upon what you need to learn. They test you within dreams and waking life. If you dream about a certain animal often it’s possible that that is your Teacher.

Spiritual Guides

These spirits appear to you when you have completed an important spiritual step. For example, they may show themselves when you discover a psychic ability you never knew you had or when you finally find your chosen spiritual path.These may change over time, but often they are with you forever.

Healing Guides

A healing guide is a spirit that helps you through a time of healing. During grieving or after illness they may appear to help you get back on your feet and move on. Sometimes these  also appear to people who need to begin healing other people, but need help coordinating the energies.


A protector is a guide that is there for your protection. They make sure that all negativity is shielded out of your aura… unless it is a test or a time of healing you are going through. You can all upon these entities to help you when you must do something that requires courage or strength.

Apprentice Guides

As stated above, guides must learn how to properly help a person and the best way to do that is to watch the pros! Many people have guides that teach others how to work. You will go through many, many of these through time so take the opportunity to get to know them while they’re there with you. They enjoy advice and help quite a lot.

by: Laurel Chaisson

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