Capricorn Sex

Capricorn Sex

capricorn sex

Sex with a Capricorn

Best Partners: Virgo, Pisces, Scorpio and Taurus .
Capricorn Sex Position: Star Fish, Flat on Your Stomach
Capricorn sex drive: Strong

Capricorn Sex Traits:

When it comes to Capricorn sex, remember that behind the cool exterior of a Capricorn a white hot interior is waiting to be discovered. Splendor beneath the sheets is likely to be a straight ahead affair for the Sea Goat, since this practical Earth sign doesn’t need anything flashy or fancy to feel aroused. The turn on here is from being happily in love, since love and sex do go hand in hand for Capricorn male and female. Because they often have a low opinion of themselves, They find it difficult to trust others. Not wanting to rush into anything, they take any relationship one step at a time. It’s important for them to get to know you before getting intimate, but once you have earned their trust you will have a sex charged maniac in your hands.

When it comes to love relationships and sex, Cap men and women are persistent, passionate and loyal lovers. In the bedroom, as in life, They want to know what is coming next. They may spend a lot of time planning exactly how they will go about seduction and lovemaking. They don’t like surprises and feel spontaneous only when things begin according to plan. Ritual is part of their nature; therefore familiarity will encourage trust and hotter sex.

People born under this sign are renowned for their power when it comes to achieving their goals. Once they’ve decided to go for it they will be completely uninhibited about going out to get it. Expecting utter and complete satisfaction, however, can make them act in a selfish manner when it comes to lovemaking. Sometimes a degree of selfishness can lead them in the direction of sadistic practices. They prefer basic sex and are unlikely to get involved in anything kinky. Their cold blooded lustfulness and self-control give them a magnificent power.

capricorn sex

capricorn and sex

How to turn on a Capricorn

With regards to how to turn on a Capricorn man or woman, keep in mind that they certainly like to be nurtured and exposed to new levels of delight. Concerned with the duration of their performance, They tend to show you what they want rather than tell you. Oh, and don’t forget – They have a weakness for uniforms! If you want to turn on a Capricorn man just wear a school girl uniform or a naughty nurse costume … or why don’t you try a teacher outfit or a sexy French maid costume? Your Capricorn man will be more than delighted.

For her there are various costumes that might heat up her imagination — army, navy, security guard, and police uniforms … Does your Cap woman love sports? Wear a baseball uniform for her and she will remember that night for sure.

 Capricorn erogenous zone

Don’t forget that the symbol of this Sign is the Sea Goat. Goats like to bite and butt their horns together. There is an aggressive power which is about to burst between the sheets.

Biting and hitting can arouse your  partner. This sign rules all bones and the skeletal structure when it comes to body parts. Unattractive knees or scaly elbows will be a definite turnoff for a Capricorn male or female.

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