Scorpio Sagittarius Cusp - Cusp of Revolution

Scorpio Sagittarius Cusp – Cusp of Revolution

 Sagittarius Scorpio Cusp

Scorpio sagittarius cusp compatibility

Like all other cusp people, the Scorpio/Sagittarius is attracted to other cusp people, especially Pisces/Aries( March 19-24) and Cancer/Leo(July 19-25).

Scorpio sagittarius cusp personality

Positive Traits

The Scorpion/Sagittarian is thought to be a truth-seeker, broad-minded, caring, determined, enjoy competition, enthusiastic, extrovert, flirty, freedom-loving, generous , good-humored, high-spirited, honest, independent, intuitive, like to learn, loyal, motivated, playful, powerful, progressive, self-confident, sexual, and versatile.

Negative Traits

The Scorpion/Sagittarian is prone to being argumentative, blunt, impatient, jealous, mean, possessive, pushy, quick-tempered, stubborn, suspicious, teasing, and vain.

They rebel against authority.
They are prone to wildness in their youth.
They do their best in self-employed situations.
They must try to be more forgiving and less possessive.
They should follow their vision of life, but not lose touch with other people.
As with all cusp people, the Scorpio/Sagittarius is of two conflicting elements-Water and Fire.
They are emotionally deep like the Scorpio and Intuitive and freedom-loving like the Sagittarius

Scorpio Sagittarius Cusp

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  • petra says:

    I’m not a scorpio sag cusp. I’m sagittarius. But I have a friend who is. Very unpredictable and misunderstood person he is. But after reading this it all fits the jigsaw puzzle to his inner workings. Though I’m not him I have a basic idea and this helps suits all the mysteries! Great description and detail!

  • Osmund says:

    My birthday is 21st Nov. and being a Scorpio/Sag hasn’t been fun at all. Misunderstood – that’s an understatement. More liked loathed, despised, too different for everyone…people give me a wide berth. And I try, and try and try some more to be ‘nice’ and it just backfires. I tolerate, I listen, I’m compassionate but one little thing, that’s all it takes and people run for the hills. Makes me wonder what they’d do if I got angry about something. I don’t know, I’m a bit sad at the moment, because people just don’t want to ‘get’ me. Thanks for your comments anyway..and I’m sick of sunshiny mr niceguy Sag. – they’re bloody cruel, manipulative, violent and blunt. And selfish…but love to tell everyone how generous they are….can’t STAND them!

  • Esme says:

    yup! RIGHT ON THE SPOT… why are we so misunderstood?!?! If i’m being straight and blunt it’s only because I care so much about the other that I want show em how they could improve their life in a truly meaningful way. I do not want to change anyone or anything, just wanna help those around in getting in touch with their true inner self… I they don’t wanna do it and i’m really really really in love with that person i get really frustrated but still i never abandoned anyone or anything and when i said “i’m gonna leave you”, it was like 2 times, I really mean it! butttttttttttt….. in the end i always give them another and another and another chance if they showed that they wanna improve… or if they really did improved with my absence! and I’m the one that will search for you!! even years after! I don’t mind if you throw me out cause I just wanna help! The only thing I want in return if you do indeed want my help is loyalty, true honest love and to remain by my side until the end of times, CAUSE I WILL, FOREVER. EVEN WHEN I SAY GOODBYE!! CAUSE I DON’T REALLY MEAN IT! I want you to understand what’s happening with yourself, and without me I HOPE that you are able to see it for yourself. I simply love people too much but I need the greatest love of all, the love of life!! So, don’t push me to see if break cause I miss the ones I love all the time and I mean “all the time” but I miss them even more when they are by my side and not trying at all to love themselves… they could use me to love themselves, I would do it, no prob… unconditional love is what I really moves me and even turns me on! =) , but I need reassurances that you’re gonna be my side and don’t leave me once I “explode” all the bad feelings i’ve accumulated from you.

  • Sherill says:

    I was born november 19th and those descriptions of our cusp are exactly right… insane how one even figured this out i think its amazing and verrry interesting.. My water and fire definately fight against eachother leading me to have a bad temper toward others causing loads of chaos in my life and relationships. but its weird because it only happens around the scorpio/sag cusp time ha. but i did read that around this cusps fiftys is when we will be completely satisfied and will be liked the most….. so i guess thats something positive to look forward too….8-)

    • matt says:

      Nov 19th is birthday too and this was dead nuts… For a while I was always confused on what traits of what I had but now I realize I’m not the only one. I guess we’re just one of a kind a gift and a curse.

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